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Flaunt was a exceptional party. It was thrown by Ayanna Lee-Rivers, founder and creator of Socacize, to celebrate the ending of the Socacize Spring Boot Camp. For those of you who don't know, this is a boot camp like no other. There is no "soldier" yelling at you to do 10 more pushups but you do have Ayanna and some guest instructors at times yelling at you in the most playful voice to "wine your waist and go down low".

Some bacchanal behavior is too be expected especially when the two hour boot camp is over and the ladies are just itching for more even though they sweating like someone just pour a bucket of water all over them. For some this is a real party event as they don’t get out as much anymore but for all it is a chance to exercise and stay fit to the sweet sounds of Caribbean music.

The Flaunt party brought out the best in the ladies and all the other guest who wanted to see what this was all about and to be part of it. I could not recognize some of the ladies as they did not have their heads tied up in sweat rags and weren’t wearing workout gear. They dressed to impress and still showed all the moves they threw down at Boot Camp to the sweet tunes played by DJ Doc. Let me tell ya, it was a night to remember... "but what happens in the party, stays in the party!"

I think that the venue added to the overall effect of the mood everyone one was feeling. It made you can't wait for Caribana to show its pretty head. Chic Night Lounge had that retro laid back feeling. Lots of large white boots and beautiful hanging chandelier. Having it in the heart of theatre district... genius. Parking as usual for that area is a headache but once you got inside you just forgot your worries.

There next event is sure to be a blast.  Flaunt On De Water will be sailing the waters on July 27th.

If you are looking to join a Socacize Boot Camp, sessions will be starting again in July. You can find all the info on www.socacize.com for a location nearest you.

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