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So you like going down the islands … but due to the recession you have to cut back on a few things so your money tight right??!! You can’t rent a house DDI nor pay the boat man! If you happen to have these problems, well you are suffering from a Down De Islands Tabanca. Have no fear … Island Getaway created that effect for you at the newly improved Anchorage on Sunday 30th May into Monday 31st which was a Public Holiday. Oh how we Trini’s love ah holiday ... lol

So the venue overlooking the sea and the added props made you feel secluded, away from all the busy traffic and city lights, away from the regular club scene. As patrons filled the venue with their coolers … yes coolers, they received a warm island welcome from two sexy ladies. If you choose to leave your cooler at home, a full stocked bar was on site for the purchase drinks along with friendly staff to serve you.

The crowd was a nice mixture of old and young. You could describe it as a big family reunion minus the BBQ chicken ... lol. Everybody was just happy … no anti-social vibes, just pure fun and delight. There was only one complaint for the night, and that was the heat. Mother nature blessed us with the rain from time to time but it didn’t do much quell the heat or the vibes. People were having such a good time, they couldn’t care less about the rain, as the party was taking full swing to the morning sunrise.

The DJ’s were off the hook! Long time I haven’t been to a party that played so much genres of music. From R&B to Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Soca, Techno, Ole Skool … you name it, they played it. So much love and respect to DJs Chucks from Red 96.7, Marcus, Ryan Spartan & Assassin Singh, Xbass, Tegareg Speedy and  De Gannes.

So now you know the music was BESS, but the dance movies were hilarious! From all the “passa passa” dance movies, to “conga line” and the even the “Clarks dance,” … what more you want??!! It was just amazing to see people having so much fun, leaving all their problems behind and really just full-joying themselves. So much excitement ... lol!

To the people that miss out, you don’t want to miss this event the next time it comes around. So much vibes that people didn’t care to go home … or as my mother use to say … “like their beds wet! They afraid to go home.”

Desha for the TJJ Fam.

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