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Thanks to the weather I couldn’t figure out what to wear, much less what the vibe of the ride would be.  I was told the ride was sold out and that there were five buses headed down from Queens to the pier.  I’ll be the first to say, I didn’t believe it.  So to my surprise when I got to the pier the first bus was already there and people were waiting patiently to board to boat.  People lined off with coolers in hand and sharing drinks, now this is the way to start since it had begun to rain.  In no time, the other four buses rolled up and we began to board the boat.

The Trinbago Massive Rhythm Section was jamming and so everyone was chippin onto the boat; mind you they head already nice since they were drinking from on the bus.  Great idea 2B Promotions to have everyone get on the bus to the pier.  The boat sailed and we made our way upstairs to where the crowd was.  Now, I’m not lying to tell you but the food line was serious (lol), but worth it, no chinxing on the food!! Kudos 2B. So now the belly full, drink in hand ... time to PARTY HARD!

Cassanovas and Funky Fat Boy had the boat rocking and in an instant, the boat became a furnace and the wildness began ... man and woman wining on anything.  Man diving on bamsee and Daddy Herdis giving it to them. Now upstairs, it had man running and sliding across the floor, swinging from bamsee and more slackness. Lol.  Let’s just say the crew upstairs definitely got their money’s worth.  One man saw me drinking water and said I should be his designated driver because he is a designated drunker!! lol. Classic!  Now heading back in the furnace we hear "Palance" start to play.  The boat started to rock side to side and the DJ pulled up the tune. To see over 500 people palancin' from left to right on a boat (and 90%  of them are beyond nice) was a sight to see.  We palanced, til' the boat come back around 9pm.  You would think they were ready to go home right?  NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!! Is now the tassa section start to perform and we well wining and carry on with them.

Needless to say, no one came off that boat sober.  Special thanks to the 2B family - Carlvon, Curtis, Dermott, Arnold, Ricky and Reza for inviting us to a great ride.  If you missed out on PARTY HARD look out for their annual WUK & WINE event on Saturday July 17th, 2010.

- Karamel & Star Child for the TJJ Fam

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>> View Party Hard Boat Ride Gallery