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After leaving the carnival festivities from downtown Orlando, it was time to hit up "De Last Fete" (pun intended) for the Orlando Carnival 2k10 season. We’re back at Club Escape not only to party, lime and wine… but to see the Bajan Queen of Soca - Mrs. Alison Hinds, who came to town to perform her classics ("Iron Bazodee"), in addition to her latest and greatest hits ("Roll It"). This production, promoted by Karibbean Under One Magazine & IChunes, was celebrating its second year. CONGRATULATIONS!

The men were full of fire with desire for the Bajan Soca Queen; and the ladies proclaiming their independence and rolling it with full confidence.

Located off of Orange Blossom Trail, Club Escape is very accessible. However, Sunday night parking was difficult. Not due to lack of parking, but other business owners barricaded half of parking lot. It’s like 2:30am Memorial Monday wee morning dudes… and your barricading the only business open in this plaza …. Hellooooo!

Masqueraders and partygoers continued the waving, jumping and wining at the final destination (De Last Fete) for the carnival, and Alison Hinds did her part to keep the energy sizzling.

I arrived around 2:30am and bar was preparing to shut down! :-(

The men in black did an excellent job searching and controlling the premise.

Love to our homegirl Giselle D’ Wassi One reppin’ TnT via Miami.  Shout outs to all performing artistes and the DJ's ... without YOU there is no fete!

Sultry Gyal
Live, Love, Lime

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>> View De Last Fete 'Allison Hinds Live' Gallery
>> View Orlando Carnival 2010 Coverage