From June 22 – 24
, Barbados will host a delegation from the Bureau Export Culture (BEC) Martinique on their first trade mission as they seek to build relations between the cultural sectors of the two islands. The 13 member delegation from the French-speaking island will include representatives from music, film, television and radio as well as managers, bookers, festival organizers and artists.

According to Stéphany Croizet, Martinique promotions officer in Barbados, “The reality is that Martinique is too often not regarded as a Caribbean island while we are just miles away. There are plenty of opportunities in working for developing closer ties with other Caribbean islands including Barbados.”

The three day event involves business to business meetings scheduled at the Coconut Court Hotel from 8am to 5pm on Wednesday and Thursday while Martinican artists will showcase their talent at events being held at Surfer’s Cafe, Naniki and McBride’s. Promoters, managers, producers, artistes and other creative professionals in Barbados are invited to attend these events. Contact Stéphany Croizet at 246.834.1221 for further information and to set up meetings.

Following a seminar hosted by the Regional Council of Martinique and Caribbean Export on the EPA Cariforum-EU Agreement, with a focus on Cultural Industries, the BEC Martinique was formed. The overall goal of this group is to foster sustainable cultural collaborations such as co-productions, partnerships and other exchanges between Martinique and its neighbours.

Trade Mission Representatives include:

Music sector:
· Don’s Music- Miguel ELISABETH, Producer (Admiral T, L'Homme Paille & Sael)
· ICE Consulting- Fred JEAN-BAPTISTE, Producer. (Madniss)
· Twa Kat Show- Daniel JANIN, Ronald TULLE, Producer and Booker
· Biguine Jazz- Christian BOUTANT, Franck ZAMEO, Show Promoters
· Island Productions- Marc CONFIANT, Producer/ Show Promoter
· Musicians of the Jazz Quartet: Guillaume BERNARD, Alex BERNARD, Alain DRACIUS

Cinema sector:
· LAKAP- Fabienne SAINTE-ROSE, Producer
· ICE Consulting- Fred Jean-Baptiste, Director (video clip)