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A great crowd turned up on Sunday, fashionably late in their finest beach wear.  There was a great vibe the entire cruise with a few gettin on as the catamaran began its route back to the harbor, clearly the effects of a day's premium drinks.

The catamaran was moored in the harbor in Bridgetown next to an empty car park making it easily accessible by all.
Great energy, easily a top notch cruise, with great tunes, great food and great drinks. An impressive start to the Cropover season from Bougie Scenes! As well as the great fete a selection of water sports were also provided.

Possibly the best food I have ever had on a catamaran, and I've tried a few... great flying fish!!! They promised premium food and drinks and they delivered!

The crew on board were polite, helpful and up for a laugh which only added to the positive atmosphere through out the day.

At $115 for girls and $130 for guys ... it was pretty steep as fetes go and a little more expensive than a regular cruise, but well worth the money in my opinion.

Shout out to Jess Reid who organized the event as well as the on-board DJ who bigged up TJJ throughout the day. Looking forward to the next Bougie Scenes event!

-Jeni I.

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>> View Boughie Scenes "De Drinkz Edition" Gallery