Island Fusion burst unto the Crop Over scene in early May and set tongues wagging almost immediately. Marketing themselves as having “developed from a fusion of the five creative minds”, the band’s Directors- Toni Thorne, Rhea Mapp, Jamilya Browne, Danielle Brome and Sade N. Jemmott- have been busy revolutionizing the way people view Barbados’ J’ouvert celebrations.

Promising the ultimate Foreday Morning Jam (J’ouvert) experience for Crop Over 2010, “Barbados’ hottest Foreday Morning band” has not only delivered 3 members-free parties to date, but have also put together what is arguably the best package Barbados has seen for this event, thus setting the bar for others to follow in terms of delivering value for money.

When asked about how important this was to them, one Director commented that, “this is and has always been about developing this aspect of Crop Over, so we are all very pleased that people are responding positively. We’re equally pleased that other bands have come forward and have improved their packages, it means that ultimately the revellers benefit... and if the revellers benefit so does the festival.”

Working assiduously to fulfill their mandate, which includes exposing markets outside of Barbados to local culture in a youth-oriented manner, ISLAND FUSION has even caught the eye of the premier Carnival band in Trinidad and Tobago- TRIBE. So much so, that the Foreday Morning Jam experience with ISLAND FUSION is an official element in the ‘TRIBE goes to Barbados for Crop Over 2010’ package promotion. “Having TRIBE approach us to be a part of our family our first year on the road was very encouraging and we’re pleased to have them, as well as our several other international members, with us”, another Director said, “we hope to build on this for the future, God willing.”

When asked if it was difficult to sell the concept of the band, another Director said simply, “It sold itself.” So what’s all this hype about? What exactly are these young ladies offering? Well, the ISLAND FUSION package includes:
  • members-free parties;
  • the ISLAND FUSION costume;
  • a goodie bag including mug, whistle, bandana and a few surprises;
  • secured member parking during the Foreday Morning Jump;
  • excellent security for the jump with a ratio of 1 officer to every 8 revellers;
  • a fully equipped music truck with ISLAND FUSION approved regional and international DJs and live performances;
  • unlimited free drinks during the jump;
  • mud, paint and water for the road;
  • an unmatched breakfast after the jump of Caribbean, Continental and Traditional selections; and
  • an official ISLAND FUSION membership card which entitles you to shopping and party discounts and/or preferential bookings.

With a mission to “take Crop Over by storm”, Island Fusion guarantees top quality service, the best vibe and long lasting memories for the very affordable price of $120 BDS/ $60US. As envisioned, the band is relatively small, approximately 300 persons, in order to offer an intimate environment, focused on presenting a quality product to each reveller.

In terms of the market targeted, the ladies indicated they have not only received a humbling level of support for the band itself but also for their supplementary signature exercise programme ‘FUSION FITNESS’. “We wanted to offer a complete package. When you look good, you feel good and that is what FUSION FITNESS is all about. Thanks to personal trainer Ramon ‘Doddy’ Dodson, who made himself available to us, we were able to offer anyone, male or female, member or not, the opportunity to participate in a very affordable, fun and effective beach training for the final 6 weeks before Crop Over and its going quite well. For $30 a week, our classes are held every Thursday and Friday from 5pm – 7pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 10am, so fitness levels are up and we’re most definitely ready for the road!”.

Their enthusiasm is infectious and their determination clear; this is clearly shaping up to be an exciting Foreday Morning Jam. For more information on the ISLAND FUSION ULTIMATE J'OUVERT/ FOREDAY MORNING JAM EXPERIENCE for Crop Over 2010:
• visit their website:;
• join their Facebook Fanpage:!/pages/Island-Fusion/120382644640475?v=info&ref=ts; and
• follow them on Twitter: myislandfusion.