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This Saturday, July 10, 2010 was the moment of your military service, an episode of war, not in Iraq or Afghanistan but in the pottery of “Trois Ilets”.A small party hosted by my famous Caribbean friend Mickeal.

A wonderful and authentic framework for an all inclusive evening with friends. And when the atmosphere is intimate and friendly, that’s a sign of  bacchanal.With a nice crowd of approximately 100 people, we passed the night in a great atmosphere,  battlefield was hot, and the General DJ Kapon gave us the direction to follow, he literally put the scene on fire and threw missiles of soca, dancehall and reggae, WELL DONE boss!

Bar service was brilliantly executed by 3 G.i., guys, “Chapeau” for the outfit and makeup.The public has followed the military theme and was prepared for the massive attack, everyone was in camouflage to pierce the enemy or land as an helicopter on what ???? …… for myself it was on some bumpers, big up to the blonde pinup, clichets of the U.S. army and all the others soldiers.

Honestly, Thank you Mickeal, you organized a nice party as we all like

-Frenchie Juice

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