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Can you imagine what would happen if all of the premier Trini Party Promotional Committees came together?... Then I guess you’ll have to indulge in a Fantasy!!!

It was the first instalment of this touted event where you had to know somebody who knew somebody to get a ticket.  So you know that the TJJ crew were expecting to encounter a very exclusive uptown crowd at the newly renovated Anchorage. And that was exactly the type crowd that poured into this venue.

With a concept like Fantasy my imagination went wild with sexual images, leisure images and even fantasy football images – I mean with World Cup Finals just mere hours away how could anyone resist fantasying a Spain win!  My expectations continued to run high as I entered through a sea of mythical smoke enhanced by mood lighting. I then continued to dream of what fantasies are left waiting for me on the inside.  But other than the images that were created at the door there was literally nothing on the inside to suggest that you were transported to a fantasy land… Well at least there were Free Drinks!

At only TT$200 Fantasy proved to an affordable premium free drinks event with free shots and scotch at every bar.  I even saw Steven Marhue and my good friends from 51 Degrees working their way through the crowd offering everyone free Sex On the Beach Shots!

True fantasia was created by High Fidelity and Less Than Zero as they moved through musical compositions of every genera from the 80s, 90s & today.  They even played some Arabian music which was used to introduce the only act to fulfil my sexual fantasies as Anna Pipoyan and the rest of her Belly Dancing Dance Troop scorched the dance floor!  With no other live acts there was still plenty of eye food and good vibes to keep you entertained.  

In the end it was indeed nice to get away from Port of Spain to party for a change but not even six rent-a-cool portable air conditioners could keep the venue comfortable temperature as the new shed type design of The Anchorage trapped all of the heat!  Finally TTJ must give a big shout out to Jamboree, 51 Degrees and the rest of the committees involved in Fantasy…So what is your fantasy?
Keiron was there… where were you?

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