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EGG is a pretty big venue to fill but Kidology managed it again without making it feel overcrowded! Enough space to shake your booty but still feel those vibes from the people around you:) As always Kidology pulled a varied and most of all FUN crowd...the vibe is casual, dress up if you want; paint your face if you want or just come in your jeans and sneakers...anything goes!!! There seemed to be lots of men in the place which the bouncers definitely had a handle on but the ladies that did attend went all out with their FUNKY outfits and vibes...we even had special requests...'make sure you get my shoes in the picture!!' lol...

By now you should know that EGG is one of the few places in London that you can party until it's time for your Sunday Lunch :) A cool and spacious venue where you really have everything you need for a great night. It's pretty easy to park but a little walk away from the closest tube so driving or taxis are best!! There are two funky rooms with awesome lighting for the clubbing vibes and a chill out area which is open air to relax in and check out the eye candy!

Now we know the DJs have been back and forth between here and Ibiza all season and we got to say the MUSIC WAS ON POINT TONIGHT!!! We caught ourselves stopping to take a jam in the crowd on more than one occasion when Mark Wilkinson, Tim Sheridan and Bert Bevans (to name just a few of the HOT DJs in the house) started banging out the tunes tonight!!! When we say banging we mean banging, this was a house music lover's fantasy!!! Close your eyes and you swear you were creeping through Space, Ibiza on a Sunday morning!!! What we love about Kidology is that the crowd brought real vibes too!! Faces painted, dancing on the podiums,climbing the poles, falling on the floor, you name it they were up for it!! Whether House music is your thing or not, Kidology is definitely a London event to experience.

If you party all night and work up an appetite, fear not as EGG have a cafe on the way out of the venue!! We didn't taste the food but at 5.30am the room was full and the peeps on the inside looked happy to be re fuelling before heading home! Drinks were a little limited but reasonably priced and there was never a queue at the bar even with a packed venue! Awesome :)

Top service from the Kidology boys who definitely know how to throw a great party!!! The EGG crew were definitely some of the best as well ... friendly, efficient and straight to the point ... that's what we like! Is it bad that we now know most of the door and bar staff already???lol...

There were lots of special offers on in the run up to the event so our advice to you is join the mailing list and Kidology group so you get all the offers as they come!! If you miss those, you on the inside for £12 in advance and £15 if you want to pay at the door. Pretty standard for London and with great music and top DJs you can't go wrong!!!

By now Ibiza is in full swing and if you can't be there, be sure NOT to miss the Kidology events in London. Dance events in London that are NOT to be missed!!! Keep those vibes pumping Kidology!!!

-Posh Juice

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