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Well you know it was a long weekend people had money in their pockets.  Your boy had a long shooting day and needed some placed to wind down “COULEURS” didn’t disappoint the party started at 9 pm and at a little after 2 am when I arrived the party was in full swing cars spilling out onto the highway ladies in short shorts “COULEURS” on the ground and people in full euphoria. At that time it was estimated at 2000 people in attendance and growing. Things were sticky!!

Now if you didn’t know Prive is located on the South Trunk Road San Fernando Trinidad. Not only was the lounge occupied with people but at least three quarts of the car park was transformed by Shockwave Entertainment and Kamillionare Promotions for this said to be annual summer event in the south land. The ambiance was set. If you were just feeling to vibes to the music hold your girl and a drink, or if you wanted to palance in the foam the option was yours. 

Vibes vibes and more vibes was the order of the morning see morning we does party hard. Rapid Response took the crowd on a musical journey followed by an up and coming reggae artiste. People didn't mind ramping in the foam no time for stochastic behavior..... snap and go was the order for me. When a tell you bliss!!

Titan The Art of Entertainment rallied the masses till the wee hours.  

Look out for this collaborative group coming together for the 2011 carnival season with a jouvert band and a fete to start the proceedings.

For more info on Prive Night Club and Lounge you can find them at :- www.privecl.com

For TJJ, Cass Stuart

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