Big Drew A true TRINBAGONIAN, born in Sangre Grande, spending his early years in Toco, before attending school in Tobago, Andrew “Big Drew” Ewing can best be described as an ultra expressive lyricist, capable of creating verbal imagery. Out to set his own unique stamp on the music world, which is made very evident by his signature catch phrase, "I COULD NEVER BE YOU".

Heading into Carnival 2008, Drew currently has four offerings to be unleashed on the public at large, namely "Burning" a socially conscious number on a catchy beat produced by Blade, the mid tempo grove trilogy that is 3 D Hardway; "Waistline Thumper", "Carnival Time", "Bang-Bang", three tracks produced by JusShane, which serve to show Drew's lyrical dexterity creating three different musical vibes all on the same beat.

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Waistline Thumper - Big Drew ft Ms Diamond (Jan 7th-14th, 2008)

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