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Welcome to the seventh, yes seventh edition of this event entitled Roots Rock Reggae and as the dust settles from Notting Hill Carnival 2010 and the summer soca vibes end, it's Reggae and Roots all night long!!!

Walking into the venue at minutes to twelve(12)...our gut feeling was UH OH party buss...however within ten minutes like a bus load of patrons arrived and before you knew it ...Agenda was full with party animals. It seemed like the whole party was full of Bajans jamming away to Lil Rick and re-living their crop over vibes:) Eye candy for the girls... minimal!!! but eye candy for the boys...as always ON POINT!

If you read any of our previous Pepper reviews, you will probably realise TJJ  not too keen on Agenda but we can't really put our finger on why, perhaps it's the weird L shape venue???! However it is located right in the city and the bar is huge. It's not the easiest place to get to unless you are driving, especially to get home from but ...it does tick all the boxes of what you need to have a good Busspepper dance...space for food, space to chill out, a huge danceflooor and a huge bar.

Hmmm...vibes yes...weird... the vibes went up and down like the Dow Jones....one minute everyone was positively horizontal, chilling to the conscious vibes, next thing you know a group of men were doing press ups on the dancefloor! So needless to say vibes were mixed, when they were up they were up and when they were down it felt like time for bed...

Busspepper did however stick religiously to their theme and threw in everything from old school Buju to Sanchez, to vybez cartel and sizzla... If you were a regage fan then you could vibes off the music all night. The Bajans especially were still screaming for soca and so the DJs threw in some carnival vibes along with some R n' B to keep the party mixed. Personally there was nothing in the vibes tonight that made me want to move or laugh or throw my hands in the air but a HUGE perecentage of the patrons were having a ball!!!!!!!!!

It almost comes as standard now that all Busspepper parties come with real drinks, almost anything you could wish for...and of course yummy food all night long from De Four caterers. Man pose off with bottle of champagne on the dancefloor (no comment) and we see Ladies swigging away straight from a bottle of wine whilst taking a wine...needless to say drinks were flowing and easy to get to at all times and food was of course topped up all night for whenever you needed some re-fuelling.

Our favourite door lady on hand to greet us first off! Top service from the bar staff and De Four caterers and, as usual Busspepper committee on hand at all times...no complaints:)

Tickets in advance online were £10...standard! Guest list was £15..again still standard for the city of London. So get organised and log on to Ticket web in advance and save yourself the mula for an extra drink...

Posh Juice

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>> View Roots Rock Reggae VII Gallery