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When you think red carpet, we look forward to trendy dress code and ladies in high heels, well that’s exactly what happen at Celebrities , on Saturday  October at Katalyst night Club.

Celebrities and free drinks, the perfect combination lol, drinks was pumping all night from two bars so refilling your party cup, wasn’t a problem, alcohol flowing like flood water in Port of Spain on a rainy day.

Young juice was there EARLY to capture the event from start to finish, Dj’s did a fine job entertaining the celebrities, the favourite song for the night was Stereo love and you felt the energy from the crowd, forcing the DJ to PULL UPPPP!!!!!

The party started down stairs then shift to overdrive upstairs, all celebrities was skipping to malu the famous dance from Ding Dong. It wasn’t any surprise to us to see one female celebrity name we won’t say *sigh* was staggering from early, but what you expect at a night of Free Drinks and Celebs.

The ladies outnumbered the guys by a wide margin in figures but the guys did well dressing to impress, some in blazers and straight jeans and real fitted, ladies was just perfect from head to the bottom of their heels some actually kicked them off, to get more balance to PALANCE... It was a very organised event and must say we had fun being there to cover this event...    

-Young Juice

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