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The Libra Affair, 10-10-10 what an excitment!! From 8 pm the crowd start entering Pier 2 in masses as everyone wanted to be aboard this hyped and  highly talk about boat ride for October. The difference between this cruise and others is as you enter Pier 2 is straight on the boat to book your space because trust me you ent sure to get on (mmmmm thats why 100 plus people got left back), no sticking else you missing.

Onto the cruise by 10 pm the boat eased its way out of port as those inside said there fairwells to those who could not get on. Ezel with his promotional skills did the best damage control and refunded those who did not make it. The party start as Devon and Shot Master J on the pioneers pelting tune for the crowd to palance. Suficed space on the three floors crews enjoyed themselves as alcohol in abundance and the  wining cah stop, even the T&T Coast Guard on the side had to join in and flex from there pirouge but say what ""protect and serve, while enjoying yourself"".

Rapid Response next in line to play as the started juggling but for me when the buss the hyper dawg ""go dung"" the boat start to sway.

Back in port and the party can't done Trevlyn turn on the mic and the jiggyness began.

Lesson learnt buy your tickets early and start boarding early else your go dance by yourself in Pier 2!!!

-Young Juice

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>> View A Libra Affair Gallery