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A trailer truck, girls in shorts, plenty soca, is it carnival in October? Well it sure felt like it at China Town 10.10.10.  Leaving Alchemy Saturdays around 2:30 am, we pulled up outside St John’s car park at 3am to meet a large gathering of crews, ready for what’s to come inside. By the dress code you could feel the energy of carnival and with coolers in hand. After entering the venue, it was our first experience in China, just like the movies, with Chinese decorations hanging over the streets, this was very welcoming and created the perfect Trinidad China Town.

Music was pumping from a 40ft trailer and people wining low to tons of soca music, old and new. The song for the morning would have to go to Hypa Dawg with Go Dung Go Dung, to really kick things off was Palance at the break of dawn, Paint started flying everywhere after the MC requested getting your paint in hand. Well I didn’t get time to go change but its jouvert and i’m in China Town 10.10.10 this could only be experience once in a life time so paint me if you want lol.

Young Juice in his carnival mode filtered through the crowd and paint capturing shots from all angles and finding the time to take a little wine, why not its Jouvert.

As the sun came out it was the perfect mixture, no one but the police officers and bar tenders got to escape being painted, as Trevlyn the voice of the new generation and diehard rolled in they too got painted,  all dj’s played well, entertaining the carnival hungry patrons. Promoter Chinee from Red 96.7 I must say to you this was one event that i personally give full 10 points for vibes and energy, great job Junglejuice family was happy to be part of this event China Town 10.10.10.      

-Young Juice

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