Just when you thought our cup runneth over ... another sweet sound emanates.

The island of Trinidad and Tobago is blessed with a number of talented men and women. From Soca to R&B, Hip-Hop and even Dancehall, the island’s talent pool abundantly spills over.

At Christmas, the beats of soca-parang infiltrate and the vocals of many are heard across the length and breadth of the island. This season, another female crooner releases a track entitled, “Joy of Christmas-” one that the masses are certain to lap up.

Nicole De Coteau is no stranger to the regional entertainment fraternity. Her name symbolizes a myriad of genres, styles and an undying thirst to offer more. In 2010, she’s teamed up with well-known vocalist, Jason “Fridge” Seecharan of the group H2OPhlo. Together, for the very first time, the pair has demonstrated what two great sounds can ultimately fuse to become. The soothing Christmas melody is yet another on De Coteau’s extensive catalogue of Caribbean music, much of which has been given the international seal of approval.

This new release, “Joy of Christmas,” which was produced by Richard ‘Charsu ‘ Ahong, is considered to be perfectly timed, according to the vibrant female singer. She explained that both she and Fridge had for years, spoken about working together, however the opportunity finally presented itself in 2010. “Nothing happens before its time,” said Nicole, explaining that the track took just a few days to pen and later proved to be a joyous offering by the end of production.

With years of vocal experience and a reputation that guarantees her respect among her peers, Nicole De Coteau is ready to truly entertain the people of the Caribbean and by extension, the world. “ Music is universal, regardless of language. The beats, rhythms and melodies fuse to offer timeless accounts of our existence,” she said.

With no intention of leaving the arena anytime soon, the woman who’s made a name for her self in music, says she will continue to produce the best work she can for music lovers, and represent Trinidad and Tobago the best way she knows how.



Nicole De Coteau is a Trinidad and Tobago born vocalist. Her track record speaks for itself, with her having been involved in the Caribbean’s musical landscape for the better part of eight years. Her catalogue of music is a blend of soca, steelpan music, soca-parang and R&B and has proven that her vocal ability far surpasses that of many, even on the international scene. In Trinidad and Tobago, De Coteau has worked in the Kaiso arena at Kaiso House and was even a frontline singer for the soca band Blue Ventures. Additionally, her stage work extends to both The New Generation ‘Kalyan’ and Kaiso Fusion, a jazz band featuring Michael Boothman. Prior to her 2010 Christmas release, De Coteau was featured on the Island Christmas Classics CD in 2009 with a track entitled Hurray Hurrah alongside the ever popular, Singing Francine. Prior to that in 2008, she also executed vocally on the Sweetest Christmas riddim, with a song entitled, Trini Christmas. Nicole De Coteau is truly gifted as she produced a number or original hits, among them “Christmas Is Here” in 2003 and “ This Christmas Day” in 2007.