This Friday, December 10th, all roads leads to the Jean Pierre Complex as soca parang sweeps over the Western corridor with high expectation that the North, South and East will join in for a night of sweet serenals.

AM Promotions presents “A Christmas Wish List,” an event coordinated in a bid to keep the true Trini Christmas alive. Together with some of the big names in Soca parang like Scrunter, Kenny J, Crazy and Baron- the entity’s aim is to foster a greater appreciation for good, clean, enjoyable fun in the island’s Christmas celebration.

With cost kept reasonably priced at $150 general admission, a special reserved seating area complete with tastes of the season has also been advertised for patrons wishing for less hassle.

According to the coordinating team, the venue’s layout has been designed to ensure that every person in attendance gets a clear view of the stage- something that often-time proves impossible at large scale events. Scrunter’s repertoire as the Soca Parang King is unparalleled and as the main act on Friday, patrons can certainly expect their fill of sweet music fitting for the season and occasion. Together with other icons of the musical genre- Kenny J, Crazy and the sensational sweet soca man, Baron- this in an event where every patron will walk away satisfied, with memories to last a lifetime.

Indeed, A Christmas Wish List is the type of event that parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters can enjoy together and with that in mind, coordinators have advised patrons to come prepared to dance the night away. Every inch of the layout and planning- from the food to the décor, order of performance to host for the evening, has been so orchestrated to ensure that every patron dances, smiles and jubilantly sings to the sweet songs of the season.

Tickets have been going fast and an eager crowd is anticipated. AM Promotions is ready and they say, A Christmas Wish List will be all that Christmas in T&T is meant to be, and a whole lot more.

To learn more, dial 702-5323 or 308-2281.