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Why in every Cuchi La La ... there must always be some bacchannal or drama ... my goodness ... I exaggerate! Or Do I? Its Busspepper's last party for 2010 - the penultimate - the grand guru party - the one with the most "freebies", the most excitement, everyone is usually all geared up and ready to rock and roll ... was it different tonight from the previous years ... uhm ... no! Back at the Abacus - the stomping ground for a sexiful bump and grind party ... we expected nothing less!

As always Busspepper tends to attract some of the sexiest Caribbean and European people out of their homes in London. Of course there are people who do not fall in this category but hey we love everybody! It was not packed inside Abacus tonight ... only the main inside bit was crowded and the sweat was trickling down patron's faces! People were sitting down ... one must admit though ... the couches are comfortable ... !!!

As always you know we love Abacus ... Spacious, Bathrooms clean (this time), Comfortable Couches, Big Bars both upstairs and downstairs, working vents for Air Condition so you could stand under the cold breeze and I could go on and on about the design ... but we all know Abacus ... its a good venue to revisit from time to time!

The vibe in a party mostly starts from the DJs and the music ... everyone knows this ... its not the free ponche-creme, it could be the sweet Parang Session upstairs, not entirely due to the number of people there either, because your party could buss and have the world of VIBE, but as tonight had a decent size crowd, drinks flowing, including some freebies, the usual chef and his food ... it has to be down to the DJs and their selections. Was a bit difficult tonight to describe the vibe ... I am in two minds really ...

Free Ponche Creme ... that seals the deal ... Milky Alcohol ... Ah The Joys Of Christmas. As usual Hasan was in the mix with his tasty and required food as always ... The problem ... well I do not know what happened recently ... we supposed to be in a recession why are you charging patrons £5.10 for a bottle of cider ... wowza ... I not sure that sat too comfortable with people ... But Hey ... We In London City ... Lets Party Like Rockstars!!!!!

Abacus's security guards have always been cool, calm and collective accompanied by the fabulous ladies who control the guest lists :) As always in Abacus the bartenders especially the female ones always show TJJ the love ... even the newbies on the scene got some love :)! Service at the bar and at the food where Hasan was located was not bad .... but as always you must have to wait ... Patience!!! It Is a virtue!!

Some pounds for a christmas caribbean party ... I believe it was around £10.00 or £15.00 and you will get some food and some music and some parang ... Busspepper's parties are never too costly ... Some people hate to pay the entrance fee but hey!?!?! How else will you get in? ... what can I say ... value for money ... that is an opinion I can never express ... if it has burnt a hole in your pocket then you should have stayed home!

Now before I go, I did mention something about drama and bachanal ... but I am not sure I should mention it ... I know I should be stating facts ... but there was some drama at the end of this party ... It was all good though! Brings entertainment to a higher level I think ... Oh Well!!

-Scorn Juice ...
worth the bitter aftertaste ...

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