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Chameleon Inc. will be the only free drinks party  on a Saturday at Coco Lounge which will also be featuring a different artists weekly called C2H5OH. These free drinks parties was kicked off on the 8th of January with Ravi B the reigning Chutney Soca Monarch winner. Following this, the group promises many more and even bigger performances to come.

Although the party started off kind of slow, from the time Ravi B stepped on the stage, people just started appearing out of nowhere. The crowd was apparently filled with fans of the Chutney star as he held out the mic and the place resounded with loud fans singing along to all his songs.

Coco Lounge is always a great place to go. Nice ambiance, where you can chill on the patio or party on the dance floor. Easily accessible, good parking, great choice for parties.

"Gyal yuh know ah was ah drinkah". Ravi B lashed out hit after hit sending the crowd into wildness. Dancing, singing, and just plain out fun. After his performance, the crowd kind of mellowed out although the DJ was impressing with his mixing skills.

Free Drinks! As the name C2H5OH implies, Alco evermore. Free rum, vodka and beers all night long. And if you're a connoisseur of alcohol, Coco Lounge always has a well stocked bar to satisfy your needs.

Worth every buck! Chameleon Inc. promises to provide quality parties at affordable prices.

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-Christoph S.

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