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Chameleon Inc. continues with their free drinks parties in Coco Lounge on Saturdays. They promised artists, and this week featured new hit sensation Buhwamoder and Soca star Blaxx. This week also had a change in that it was free shots instead of drinks.


Beautiful girls, fair turnout, biggest fans. All the sexy carnival lovers came out to see their favorite artists for 2011. Crowd could have been bigger but was reasonably sized considering the amount of carnival fetes that fell on the same night.

Once again, C2H5OH is held at Coco Lounge which continues to promise a nice ambiance, where you can chill on the patio or party on the dance floor. Easily accessible, good parking, great choice for parties.

"Tanty woi!" Madness in the crowd as youtube hit Buhwamoder faced off against long standing Soca artist Blaxx (Roy Cape). The whole crowd was singing "Bend Right Over" Buhwamoder's song as well his entire reenactment of his video "Trini Slap Chop". After that, Blaxx came and had the crowd dancing and singing to his latest hit "Tanty" after which, he pulled up people from the crowd to sing with him.

Free shots! Not what Chameleon Inc. had originally promised for C2H5OH, but it was an attempt to break away from the ordinary. Free tequila and Sex on the Beach all night long, served by the sexiest of Chameleon's girls. Beside the shots, Coco Lounge always has a well stocked cash bar to satisfy your needs.

Worth every buck! Chameleon Inc. promises to provide quality parties at affordable prices. This week was even cheaper since it wasn't free drinks.

For more information, join Chameleon Inc.'s facebook group or, check out there soon to be launched website at:

- Christoph S.

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>> View C2H5OH Buhwamoder Vs. Blaxx Gallery
>> View Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2011 Coverage