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Saturday March 19th was the night Toronto had been waiting for ... The highly anticipated Return fete was finally here and most of all we know Kes the Band was goin to make us all feel like we jus' win ah million dollars.

With talk of yet another sold out Dr. Jay fete and memories of the lines from DCAL, Empress Esi made sure to arrive early to avoid the line-up. A smooth and stress free check-in and I was ready for action.

The vibes started nice and slow as the crowd built up with everyone there to have a good time and enjoy de bachannal. After the DJs warmed us up and had everyone stamp on it and trample it, it was time for the performances to begin. From Grenada's Talpree, to Vincy's Skinny Fabulous, the islands were well represented and everybody at Kool Haus was charge up and ready to go!

As the show climaxed, the vibrant dancers decked out in silver opened the stage for Trinidad's 2011 Groovy Soca Monarch, Kes the Band. Kees took us down memory lane before he started to get on "Wotless", and my oh my, that 'Big Ting, Small Ting' ("Ah Ting") competition is definitely stuck in the memories of all who were there. Kerwin Du Bois and Nadia Batson together with Kees who couldn't help but reveal his abs as usual all made sure we had a good time.  Soca fetes are always the best... nice vibez, nice people and all in all ... a really nice time.

Once again, Dr. Jay and the KOS crew surpassed expectations and left everyone waiting for the next fete. Cheers to Toronto's 2k11 soca scene and hats off to Dr. Jay de Soca Prince!

-Empress Esi for the TJJ fam

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>> View Dr. Jay's 16th Annual Return Fete 2011 Gallery