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Colours of Shade 4!!! 6 nights of fun filled excitement at Shade night club Tobago. Firstly I would like to congratulate The Shade night club for its fourth edition of this concept for Easter weekend by which every night something different and exciting filled this club with the vibes to be the number one spot in Tobago. “A cool Scene”.  The last time TJJ captured and covered Tobago was for summer so the adventure was yet to begin. Once TJJ in Tobago we all over the place and getting hook up straight up yuh can’t hide The usual hook up for us as we stayed in Green Palm hotel right behind shade where we treated with a semi inclusive experience of great suite and a magnificent pool (guess to enjoy for the hot sun or when TJJ having their private parties.

In experiencing 3 of the main nights of this anticipated weekend there was surely a lot to mention. Thursday night being the foam party was full of wetness and wassyness, 3 words to describe this “bubbles, shorts, and fun”. Special treats include the strip down to your bikini by which one won a bottle of Moet and Chan don (reds your sexy should have just come in that lingerie) presented by a special patron inside Ronnie McIntosh who was enjoying the vibes. Inferno Friday and Seductive Saturday as the names speak for themselves, was full of heat and energy as it really continued the partying for this weekend. 

These two nights the club was packed to capacity as literally I think the whole of Tobago came out to party. The trinis in the crowd as usual had to make an impression as they were always stationed in the middle of the dance floor making the most noise and creating the most vibes. (We know when trinis in the club). A combination of mixed genres of music catered for the entire population and a main bar fully stocked and effective added to the niceness. Dj’s for the nights included Rapid Response, Hollywood Sachy, Alicia d Duchess and Tobago finest, Schullery, Gizmo, Funk Master K and Mighty Crush. They all did their part in making the crowd enjoy themselves to the max.

In a collective effort here was surely the place to be once you were in Tobago all hats off to The Shade Management and Staff. A special mention to the Shade kitchen, as they had quite a diverse range of appetizers to choose from my favourite “grouper fingers”. Until the next rise TJJ is out!!! My fellow colleagues in JA I’m holding the fort and representing, TJJ is all over the world!!!

D Young Juice...........

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>> View Colours Of Shade 4 Gallery