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Right Now I Just Wotless!

I really feel like I win two million dollars, two weeks ago I saw Kes the Band perform in Miami (view coverage), now I am here in the Cayman Islands and I get to see them perform again. Lawd have mercy, don't be surprise folks if allyuh see a TJJ Media Rep (*ehem*) going on stage and taking a wine at an upcoming event!

Well by the looks of things, there were more ladies than men at this event.  The ladies came out in numbers dressed to perfection. Talk about some sexy outfits! So you know the men had their fair share of eye candy. Now the fellas that were there did represent, and I have a few pictures to prove it!

Finding a parking space wasn't too bad, and we ended up grabbing one in a private lot just down the street. The venue was outdoors and definitely large enough to accommodate a massive Soca bram. And this fete actually had a special VIP area, a 1st for us in Cayman Carnival. The VIP area had its own cash bar area and complimentary finger foods, but we liked how stage front access was still shared between VIP and General admission partygoers. So everyone got an equal opportunity to get up close and personal with Kes. The chairs and tables in VIP was also a very upscale touch.

When we reach, Eternal Vibes from Miami was heating up the place with some sweet Soca tunes. First to perform was Vincy's Skinny Fabulous who got things rocking with hits "De Beast Let Go (Head Bad)" and "Charge Up". Then host Giselle D'Wassi One introduced Kes the Band to the stage, who came on and really put their all into the performance. This is when everybody started getting on "Wotless". Last year was all about "palancing" ... but for 2011, everyone is calling Kes's name!! Real woman was wining up and frolicking ... having a time! The men in the crowd started  taking off their shirts, so you know as a female photographer I had to represent for the ladies... *snap snap snap*. Kes the Band really entertained the crowd and I'm sure will be welcomed with love to the Cayman Islands at anytime. Also, it was nice to see Soca stars Machel Montano and Destra Garcia in attendance, taking in the vibes.

There was a variety of alcohol, so much so that I lost track of what I started drinking. With that said, I still managed to stay alert and on point. However, I wouldn't mention another TJJ Rep (and it wasn't Daddy Juice) that basically fall asleep on himself before the night was done.... lights out, current GONE!

Swanky, thanks for ensuring quick and easy access (VIP and backstage... always a plus) for TJJ ... we love when everything is organized!

It was clear to see that the promoter(s) really put their heart and soul into this event, it was apparent by the vibes, the music and the live entertainment. It was truly an amazing experience to see how Carnival in the Cayman Islands is evolving. Special shout out to Swanky for having us, can't wait for 2012 to see what he has in store.

And thanks to Daddy Juice I was able to get my very own picture with Kees! :-)

"Dis Year I moving Fearless... Tell Dem Call Meh Name!!"
P.S.I Juice
(Chooks contributed to this review)

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