Designers United Stores, the organization behind Tobago Fashion Weekend, is holding a fashion workshop from May 21-22. This event is the follow up to last Sunday’s casting call, where 59 models were chosen, from a list of 109. This workshop will involve training in the art of walking, and will also be used to orient everyone present, as to whom they will be working with. As well, the philosophy behind Tobago Fashion Weekend will be shared, so that all parties understand what is expected of them.

On Monday May 23rd, the day following the two-day model workshop,Tobago Fashion Weekend will begin an island-wide competition, aimed at working people from all professions. The idea is to select the best dressed male and female, for each day of that week, for a total of 10 winners. Those selected, will then be asked to walk the runway on the first full day of fashion on display, which will be Saturday May 28th. An overall male and female winner will be chosen.

The official start of Tobago Fashion Weekend, however, is Friday, May 27th, at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park. There will be a cocktail party from 7-8, for specially invited guests, while the general public is welcomed from 8 o'clock, once they possess a ticket. Live entertainment will be provided, followed by an after-party.From 7pm on the 28th, all are invited to witness the full display of fashion and runway talent, just off the shores of the world famous Pigeon Point beach, followed by another after-party. The same is true for Sunday, with the exception being, a 5pm start time.

The tickets to this event will cost $250 for front row viewing, and $150 for general seating. You can get your tickets at Pablo's Supermarket inRoxborough, Barcode, Ciao Café and Bourgeois Boutique in Scarborough, The Limelight in Pleasant Prospect, Penny Savers inCarnbee and Canaan, Renmar's in the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, and Yolande's Boutique in Crown Point at the Crown Point Shopping Plaza.

Designers United Stores would also like to thank all those who have been supportive thus far, but a special thanks is reserved for those who came out to last Sunday’s casting call, and helped to make it a success.
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