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It was a humid night; we were feeling antsy and looking for the next fete to hit so we headed to C-Pac for Party People Promotions and Friends SOS (Soca or Suffer).  If you didn’t know this is a cooler fete so you already know what it was looking like as we approached the entrance of the venue.  Every size of cooler from the smallest to the coffin sized ones filled the yard. 

Close Connections, Back to Basics, Sounds 4 Life, Natural Freaks and Anonymous kept the crowd entertained while the rhythm section had a nice segment going accompanied by Kerry D Drummer.  True to fashion, there were some people palancin’ on top of coolers and having a good time.  While others were drinking, socializing and enjoying the eats by Sherma Clarke Promotions.  The vibe was definitely different in this cooler fete.  

I have to say, that white lighting definitely was a buzz kill when people started to dance.  People were complaining that it was way too bright to be getting on slack with all eyes on them.  So for those who wanted to enjoy the dance without the audience they moved to all the areas in the yard that had dark corners.  This is where all the slackness was going on.  Note to PPP kill them white lights, we want softer colors for future events.   

Shout out to Nyah and Keron and of course PPP for pushing SOS as hard as you did.  The turn out definitely reflected the ground work you guys did.  Thanks for inviting TJJ.  


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>> View S.O.S. 'Soca or Suffer' Gallery