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'Flavors' is true to it's name at every event! What stands this event out from the rest amongst the good looking people and great vybs is that they home make and serve you 'flavored' jello shots with a rum whip cream! Where else can you find something as creative and unique as this?

Flavors Part Deux came alive Saturday night! Word has got around that it is the newest and hottest event in South Florida. The vybs were off the charts with the sounds of DJ Eklipz & Fireburn behind the turn tables. Playing the best of Soca, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Reggae, the selectors had everyone in the building fired up. I can honestly say that I did NOT see one person without moving feet and arms waving. The venue is perfect for the type of atmosphere it creates along with good parking accomodation.

As Flavors is growing fast, dont be the ONLY ONE to miss it next time on August 27th, 2011!


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>> View Flavours Part Deux Gallery