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Bring your cooler and have a good lime, this party provided good music and good vibes.

A cooler fete where people could enjoy themselves to music from Dei Musicale direct from Trinidad. The crowd was a good mix of locals and foreigners from all over the world (UK, US, Trinidad etc.) and looked stunning in their outfits.

It was a beautiful venue at the old ruins far away from the city, in the middle of beautiful the surroundings - Farley Hill. The palm trees in the entrance was lit up and that was the 1st thing you saw from a distance.

It's was a party where people came to lime and just enjoy themselves. The vibes were good and with the great mix from the DJ's it turned out to be a party filled with energy, smiles and people having a nice time.

Cooler Party - People drank what they came with!

We we're welcomed from when we entered till we left the party.

Big up to Poseidon Productions for throwing a party where you can feel exclusive when jones-ing with your friends. All you needed to bring was a good mood and your cooler.

- Sweet Stamina Banana

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