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Rihanna - one of the world's best-selling artist LIVE & 'LOUD' in Barbados!!

Did you manage to hunt down tickets?

The 35,000+ crowd ebbed it's way through the multiple entrances into Kensington Oval from as early as 4pm to secure their ideal vantage point to see Barbados' own homegrown superstar!  Dressed fashinable or funky, people turned up looking ready for cocktails & canapes, or in their own style aiming to turn heads!

Roumours roarer around the island for days about the likes of Jay Z, Kayne West, Beyonce and Eminem all passing through BGI Airport to support our girl RiRi in what is said to have been the BIGGEST and most elaborate concert in Bim of all time!

Kensington Oval could not have been a better venue, located at the far end of town with easy access routes and plentiful parking for those with and without the reserved parking for VVIP ticket holders.  Expecting a big turn out the BHTA (Barbados Hotel and Tourism Authority) had also organised with the BTA (Barbados Transport Authority) for shuttle services to run from a variety of spots across the country to ferry people to the concert and back to ease pressure on the roads, which from all accounts ran relatively smoothly despite a few expected delays.

Doors opened earlier than expected allowing the many who had been lucky enough to escape work early to find their ideal spot several hours before the show started, allowing the crowd to grow steadily.

RiRi also lucked out with the weather as it had been forcasted to rain and although the crowd was doused in a light sprinkle, it didn't last long and if anything helped keep the masses crowd crammed in front of the stage cool.

Having never really been on 'Team RiRi' I was originally reluctant to fork out cash for a ticket, but due to a 'die-hard' Rihanna friend of mine visiting from the UK, I went anyways and jeeze am I glad I did.  From the moment tickets went on sale the hype was rediclous!  People were queued up outside ticket offices from 7am the morning they went on sale to get their hands on early bird, VIP and the illusive VVIP tickets, which were all sold in minimal quantities.  For many the 'LOUD' concert was more anticipated than Cropover this year!

Starting five minutes early (possibly a 1st in Bim lol) Cover Drive a local band said to be the next big thing from Bim graced the stage, and warmed up the crowd.

Following on DJ W of Brooklyn, and J. Cole, had the crowd entertained and set the mood for the eagerly awaiting fans.  Unfortunately due to the size and grandure of the stage, which arrived in no less that 10 shipping containers and took a sizable site team days to construct there was a noticable hour wait for Rihanna to finally grace the stage.

RiRi herself, well what can be said I am converted!  Her performance was outstanding, songs came off without a hitch as did her theatrical onstage performances, although perhaps a PG13 warning should have been sent out first as there were several very raunchy scenes.

And who knew RiRi could play the drums?! Not me that's for sure and she kicked it like a true drummer, much to the amazement of the crowd, knocking most myself included into impressed silence.

Turning out hit after hit the crowd was rocking and singing along to all her hits, despite hearing a few jibes in the crowd about the lack of rendition of the National Anthem RiRi did sit on stage and thanked Barbados for its undying support, Bajan flag in hand.

Refreshments were possibly the only downfall to the concert , with many people unwilling to abandon their spot or friends for refreshments in general for fear of not finding them again many went the entire show without anything as much as a drop of water.  And by all accounts those in VIP and VVIP didn't fair too much better either, with most waiting in long cues for drinks or to track down the food being served in VVIP.  Seems those who purchased tickets in the stands had the most comfortable night, away from the rain, with a place to sit during the wait and easy access to food and drinks.

The strangest part of the night happened at the end when we were told they had sold out of water and only had Rum & Coke left, hmmm.

All in all the police and staff leading up to the stadium were polite and helpful as were the staff in the stadium, I can't comment on the bathrooms, but I heard no comments, which can only be a good thing. 

And after the concert despite many headed to the afterparties, there were still a great number of vendors and police around, ensure we were able to eat our BBQ pig tails safely whilst waiting on a friend for a ride home.

Tickets varied in price, starting off at $75 for Early Bird General grounds, which then rose to $125
3W Stands were $125 and close the stage
All other stands were $75
VIP was $300 and included drinks located next to the stage and the second section back from the front.
VVIP at $500 included drinks, food, private parking and access to the afterparty and located directly infront of the stage.

In regards to value for money, accounts are variable, and compliments and complains were made by all, whether they be waiting to long for food and drinks, lack of access to them or having nowhere to sit.

All in all RiRi's 'LOUD' concert provided Bim with one of the best concerts of all time, and the best concert of some people's lifetimes!  Rihanna did Bim proud! :-)

-Jeni for the TJJ fam

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