This one is not for the social winers, it is also not for the patrons who go to fetes to stand and look good. This one is for the miserable stage stormers, the rebellious revelers, and those who live for that incredible moment when nothing else matters but you, the music, and the fantastic freedom that can only be found in the mystical depths of a true Trini Carnival.

Straight out of the Precision Productions studio and onto the Carnival 2012 big stage, “TERRIBLE” by Erphaan Alves ft Machel Montano is made to be the soundtrack for the greatest show on earth.

No words can fully describe the instant melodious heights this brand new tune takes every single Mas playing body to.

With its all-encompassing and captivating energy, it is sure to be a fan favourite for years to come, and will most definitely be the leading instigator in all very bad behaviour this season.

Yet again, Precision proves that they are deeply connected to the heartbeat of Soca lovers everywhere and are more than capable of giving them exactly what they need to recklessly and self-indulgently break loose and act “TERRIBLE”!

Listen (click on song title) and tell us what you think of the song today... Dig It or Ditch It? Post comments below. Please keep it HONEST, yet CLEAN!

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