5 Minutes With H2O PhloAmiel here unplugged, degreased and sort of dressed sharply to attend the Miss Trinidad and Tobago UK 2008 Pageant Competition! Real Vibes! Reading the programme, I saw H2O Phlo was slated to perform during the competition. H2O Phlo, a quartet of gentlemen, singing R&B and Groovy Soca, straight out of Trinidad and Tobago with Bess Tunes! Tune to wine up! Tune to dance up! Tune to make love to that special someone ... not no quick stabbin' cabin business, we talking the real deal ... the sweet music in yuh ears ... the loving session that you going until the fat lady sings!!! Bang Bang! Five Minutes with H20 Phlo starts right now!

Amiel: If you had a time machine where would you go and why?
Junior: Brazil or France, yes … the vibes and the women there seem to be the flavour in the pot!
Keston: I am here already! I do not need a time machine! I love the vibe in London, UK
Fridge: 2006, Germany, The World Cup - Trinidad and Tobago's first time in the world cup - I had a good time!
Audie: There are too many places I would like to go, yes … that's a tough question!

Amiel: Where you do you get your musical influence from?
Audie: From life ... different people ... experiences ... circumstances ... just life!
Keston: Lionel Richie on the R&B side and on the local culture side David Rudder - must respect the older heads in the business.
Fridge: Michael Jackson, King of Pop!
Junior: Stevie Wonder. I like old time music, so Otis Redding for example ... the works!

Amiel: Who is the jokester of the group?
All: Fridge or Keston

Amiel: Who is the shyest?
Audie: There is no "shyest" in the group. None of us are shy ... let's change that question, "Who is the most laid back?" ..... Me!

Amiel: If you could describe the group in one word what would it be?
Audie: Swanky, fun!!
Junior: I tired of dem fellahs yes ... HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Audie: That's not one word ... Sweet, smooth!

Junior: When I go back home, remind to tell the man who I bought this razor blade from that it is the most dull razor blade I ever use in my life! It is the worst!!!
Audie: That man typing that yuh know ... Amiel I find yuh real quick on that Blackberry!
Fridge: He not missing a thing!!

Amiel: What is your favorite song to perform?
Keston: "One Dance" ... only because of the performance ... you would see tonight!
Fridge: "High On The Dance Floor".
Junior: "Come Baby".
Audie: Hmmm ... I am a mood performer, it all depends on if a man belly down or if his belly up ... hahaha.

Amiel: What's the biggest thing the group disagrees on?
All: Harmonies ... if you ask any group, especially a singing group ... Harmonies.

Amiel: Where do you see the group in 5 years?
Junior: Well if Fridge is Prime Minister, I would see myself in a real good position yes! (everyone laughs)
Fridge: Honestly, getting the name of H2O Phlo further recognized, getting the group developed together and making more dents into the international circles and markets.
Keston: Back in Trinidad helping the new groups, the up and coming artistes giving advice sharing experiences and coaching.
Audie: Accomplishing personal goals in my life, I am always looking at the bigger picture.

Amiel: So finally fellas, what is your favourite dish?
Audie: I like different foods. I try to eat healthy, but if I had to choose I would say seafood - any kind!
Keston: Give me any Indian Delicacy - especially a Chicken Roti!
Junior: Cornflakes and Smoke Herring! (everyone laughs) Anything yes, I don't really have a favourite.
Fridge: A Subway sandwich - whole wheat bread, chicken teriyaki ... footlong ... sometimes two!

These fellas have vibes and Trini Jungle Juice is loving it!

Always Fabulous! Never Buss!

ps. No Guinness tonight - had to sip on some red wine and socialize with the folk!