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For those who are going to Trinidad for carnival or not, weeks leading up to Carnival Monday and Tuesday... every weekend you are sure to catch an invitation to a send off party. Well, last weekend was no different, at least for me. I was looking for my 2k12 soca fix to get my adrenaline both charged and drained at the same time. The good news... New York's very own made this one better. It's B2B's Birthday celebration. What more can you ask for in 32 degree Brooklyn weather?

The ballroom was packed, with lines peeling round the corner outside. We know that Brooklyn has alot of trendy dressers.. and guess what they were all out on Saturday night.

The Tropical Paradise... in Brooklyn is anything but Tropical since it's smack in the middle of Utica and it's real cold outside... But once I walked into that place, it was just like being in the Caribbean. I parked and got in easy, found a nice location for my jacket (and I can confirm now that it was a great cubby as my jacket was still there when I was ready to go home). Wooden dance floor and carpet. It's no club, and despite the low ceiling, the lighting was on point, temperature didn't get too hot or cold (Goldielocks would have loved it) and the ease of moving around made spoting eye candy a simple pleasure. This place was ready to jump off.

The party was amped and ready to go, but I must confess that the DJ's didn't take full advantage of this. Everybody's been home listening to various 2k12 soca podcasts and wining down de place to the mazaratti riddim while bubbling a pot at home. I suppose that I was very eager to hear B2B and his drum machine... however it never happened, at least not the B2B part. With several high points including a back in times dub session there were things to rant about. I am just a little sad that Ricardo didn't indulge us with his soca skills. I personally wished for more.

Fully stocked and accessible bar. The wise all had their bottles at their feet with buckets of ice... thanks Swappi. And de chinese rasta man outside in de dodge caravan had a well split corn soup and satisfactory bake and shark.

Unfortunately I didn't have much interaction with the staff... but I am sure that they must have been real sweet hearts.

Can't put a price on a good soca fete in the middle of the winter, but if you could, this one was well worth it.

As always shouts and Birthday greetings for the celebrations of Ricardo. Shouts to Dre Dog from ShorBlue... and all the TJJ crew that always up in de fete, TEXT-alohic Juice and Pauline....

-Ram Dass

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