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Rumours of professional models being used to portray the costumes at PoisonUK's Carnevale di Venezia Band Launch 2012 have circled the air in London, ever since the mention of this band launch. It was hardly a surprise to find out and to witness that this band launch was just an average affair at that while however improving on their last event with the improvement by utilising one of Trinidad's top soca artistes - Swappi - performing live for close to thirty minutes. Tonight however, does question two things:
1. Do you as a patron play with any one of the numerous sections in PoisonUK; and
2. Do you as a patron attend an event held by PoisonUK in the future.

The Band Launch:
PoisonUK for 2012 has joined forces with various other band and section leaders and this year may well boast, if successfully filled, the largest west indian band on the streets of Notting Hill 2012. The costumes were all on display at the Camden Centre tonight from the following sections:
 1. Dynasty Promotions - www.poisonuk.com
 2. Enigma Vibes - facebook@EnigmaVibes
 3. Island Vibes Mas -facebook@IslandVibesMas
 4. Mas With A Difference - http://www.facebook.com/MWDCarnival  
 5. Bauta - www.carnivalhunters.com
 6. Masque Face - www.masqueface.com
 7. PoisonUK

From a bird's eye view, I was quite pleased with these costumes and it is actually very difficult I think for females to choose their particular taste. However, I know for sure that colour will be the major deciding factor and of course the availability of funds. TJJ's top three for sure on the night were Island Vibes Mas' Front Line Costume Ballo di Carnevale, Enigma Vibes' Midnight Masquerade Costume (Frontline, Normal & Male Costume), and finally Mas With A Difference Unveiled Faces.

The Event:
With Camden Centre being chosen as the choice of venue for tonight's band launch, eyebrows were already raised as patrons entered the venue. This venue is very difficult to fill and as a result it was not to its capacity but that does not fall on the venue for blame. Apparently, the bar finished stock for certain drinks roughly two to three hours before the carded time for the event to finish. The DJs did their best on the night to encourage some sort of vibe and energy of euphoria however, it was very timid and rubbish. There were many performances by UK Local Soca artistes on the night however, the night belonged to Swappi with his very enthralling and crowd engaging performance. We were not expecting splashing water into the crowd! Very Funny!

The Verdict:
Great Costumes. PoisonUK is more than likely going to be the largest West Indian band if filled with patrons on the roads of Notting Hill for Carnival 2012. Swappi's performance was good however the event lacked vibe and euphoria.

-Scorn Juice

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