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With the knowledge that the DC Carnival parade will not occur on Dc Carnival Saturday, it made it easier for party goers to lime late in the night and not worrying about having to rush home to prepare their costume. And as I type this...I shake my head because it really doesn't matter. Nonetheless, continuing to host the annual Cooler Fete in upper Marlboro, proved to be one of the best things the organizers could fathom as...(and no joke) coolers were filled to the brim! This told me that these people were not planning on going anywhere...Correct was right!!!! The building moved...the tents to avoid the rain were moving....waistlines were moving....but no one was going a place. Why? Well the DJ line up was top of the line and....Of course drinks were flowing like water. The DC Carnival Cooler...was tops...to say the least!

There was no question about the quality. First class all the way. There were people everywhere with women dressed in their heels and short shorts...while fellas rocked their v-neck mediums...jeans and sneakers. Other than that...everyone had on their best dress...well not everyone....but the majority!

For the venue, the location was a bit out of the way but at times, that makes for the best places. No life for miles...then all of a sudden is rel cars park up everywhere. The party was held in a back yard....it was a bit tight especially for the numbers that showed up. The back yard idea was good but we suggest a bigger back yard. However, not a sole complained. The two tents were paced so the rain that was coming, would not wash the coolers away. Fortunately no rain came. But allyuh know trinis...they do business...they put the tents to use by using it as a "hold on to" type of thing...when she roll back on him and no one there to balance him...he had no choice to hold onto the tent's poles....You see...money well spent! 

The vibes was tremendous. DJ sprang...is probably the best party opener we have seen and gets the crowd rolling. After him, Hazard grabs the wheels and then Private Ryan takes us home....I mean...who can ask for a better line up? Not us! These days...and no disrespect to the artists...but when you have the right mixed drink, mix of DJs, and a mixed smalley...lol....nothing could be better...this party's vibe was really nice. And I am happy I did not take the photo of this guys who was passed out by the gate and the other one who was passed out in front a car when we were leaving.....for them...De Vibes was Done!

As for food...we really did not see much...but it was 'Bring your Own Bottle'....so drinks were deep.

The promoters provided good service from the get go. they took care of their people without a problem. They were organized by the front door at least. As for anything else...there was not much to do.

A $30.00 cover charge at the door was not too bad...especially for having your own drinks. People spend an average of $40-$50.00/event....so with a $30 cover and your own cooler, no one can argue. Besides...I think people just like the idea of dragging their cooler around.

Overall, the 2012 edition of BYOB was a great way to kick start the paradeless DC Carnival. But we doh business. Big up to Jason and your entire crew for a job well done. And by the way...would you believe a girl who called in sick from work because of food poisoning....was actually really...and I mean really sweating out the poison at the party....right!!!

-Joy Juice

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>> View B.Y.O.B :: Bring Yuh Own Bucket | Insane Cooler Fete Gallery
>> View DC Carnival 2012 Coverage