Trinidad, WI: When the term Hit & Run is reverberated, the automatic thought of a collision that has to be escaped comes to mind. Terron “T-Rock” Andrews is putting a spin to the term that usually causes a flare with temper... This would definitely require the assistance of an insurance agent. An advisory is being issued to all female party-goers to obtain bumper insurance as the necessary precautions must be taken to protect this valuable asset.

In his most convincing tone, the artiste known as T-Rock has issued a stern warning to those at risk, “Yuh cah run from it, Ah hitting unexpected.” The Texas-based, Trinidad-born has released his contribution for Trinidad and Tobago’s 2013 Carnival season and is confident that the track will be well received and embraced. The talented T-Rock solicited the writing expertise of one of the Caribbean’s most sought after songwriters; Erphaan Alves and the production intelligence of Nutation in his bid to indulge every bumper owner and inspector.

For the past seven (7) years, Terron has been working feverishly to perfect his craft. The singer/songwriter/performer has already been embraced in many parts of the United States of  America having flown the Caribbean flag steadily since his entrance to the entertainment industry. “My hope is that Hit N’ Run resonates in the mind of all Soca lovers….I feel great about this release and I hope others will feel the same way”, he said, when asked about his expectations for Carnival 2013. According to T-Rock, “Working with Erphaan and Nutation was amazing; they are young, talented and vibrant, the vibe was amazing and this soon to be Bumper anthem would not have been possible without either of them.”

‘Hit & Run’ is the first of his two contributions for Carnival 2013, look out for his next release which is scheduled for November.

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