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A Memorial wknd is not the same without RISE in your fete lineup.  With the weather being what it was all weekend long, it was promising to be a good day today since the sun was out and it had warmed up a lot.

Decorated in vibrant summer colors, palm trees, heated lamps, the brightly colored towels given out as you entered and with cabanas looking like they were for VIP sectioned off with red ropes, C-Pac was transformed; RISE was making a statement that summer had unofficially begun.

Seeing the ladies in their summer dresses and men in their linens and slacks, yes everyone came out well dressed despite the chill in the air.  With the Mercedes Benz promo team giving out fruits from edible arrangements and tending to those in the cabanas, I was wondering when did we leave Brooklyn and reach Manhattan because that was the vibe I was getting.  Did anyone see the new Benz on display @ the entrance????? 

The music was supplied by all the heavy hitters, RISE was pumpin, there was no social behavior.  Everybody under the trees in the middle of the yard was jammin.  Before you knew it, 10pm reach and we were still fetein...... its cold and like nobody want to go home.   Gameface, once again, you started summer off with a bang and we definitely enjoyed the new additions. 


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>> View RISE The Day Fete 2013 Gallery