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On what seemed like one of the coldest Memorial Day weekends that I can remember, and dressed like it was still winter, we started on the holiday weekend pilgrimage to Fanta.

Although it rained for a good part of the day, it held up during the evening time giving us the opportunity to see what the Revellers Crew & Neva Stop Ent. have up their sleeves.

Nestled in the middle of Brooklyn, we entered the quaint, yet tropical decorated, tented backyard to hear the rhythm section playing in sync with the dj.  People jamming, socializing and all at the same time trying to stay warm.

With a fully stocked bar and an assortment of tasty Caribbean food the only thing missing was some heat (yes it was freezing).  The fog machine added a nice little touch to the yard until it went bezerk ... lol.  Yes, juss like that the machine went haywire and sent everyone jumping.  Needless to say, it gave us the jump we needed to warm up the party.  Added by a full cast of djs including Pantrin Vibes, Hyper Leon, Close Connections and D'Enforcas out of Canada the party was in full swing.

Had the weather been warmer, there is no doubt that this party would've been a problem to get into.  Revellers Crew, thanks for inviting TJJ and we look forward to more of your events.


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