5 Minutes With ScarfaceMawnin! Le Petit Juice coming to you straight from Binghamton University 2008 Carnival where Mix Juice and I are touring with Bunji, Fay-ann and The Asylum Band. We had about half an hour before we had to hop back on the tour bus so I decided to link up with Scarface at the hotel to grill him about everything that's going on with the talented Trini. 5 Minutes With Scarface starts right now!

Rae: What would you say is your inspiration?
Scarface: My uncles. They exposed me to Reggae, Ska, Bob and Peter.

Rae: When did you realize that you wanted to be an entertainer?
Scarface: Oh, from early childhood. I grew up watching James Brown, Michael Jackson, KRS One. They definitely had an influence in my decision.

Rae: What was you most memorable performance?
Scarface: Oh wow! That would have to be my first performance at the Arrima Veledrome ... "By The Bar!"
Rae: Oh yeah, love that song ... we used to chip to the bar with that song!

Rae: Doubles or Aloo Pie?
Scarface: DOUBLES ... Rufina doubles from Arrima!

Rae: If there was an anthem to your life, what would it be?
Scarface: Live life, Give life, Love life!
Rae: Hmmm ... nice!

Rae: Who are you jammin' to right now?
Scarface: Samba, I love it! Oldies too ... you know 80's Pop, Slow Rock, Disco.
Rae: Disco, woy!

Rae: What's in your pocket right now?
Scarface: My lighter, cash, my ID and my rag and my flag ... and I'm missing my Stag!!

Rae: This man cracking me up. What would you say is your signature?
Scarface: (sings) Scar ... Scar!

Rae: How did you get the name, Scarface?
Scarface: Well, when I was at North Eastern Secondary School I was in a tragic accident with my Grandfather and sustained an injury that left me with a scar on my forehead.
Rae: Awww ... so sorry to hear.

Rae: Any words of advice for someone who is coming up in the business?
Scarface: Don't expect to plant tomato seeds and get lettuce! You will produce without manure. In other words you have to work hard because what you put in is what you will get. Stay positive, be yourself, especially if there is a message you are trying to put out, don't do it just for doing it sake, do it because you feel it in your heart because remember you are going to touch someone. AND most importantly never forget where you came from!

Spoken like a true lion!

-Le Petit Juice, heading back to the room to wake Mix Juice up!