Hey Honey Bunches of Oat's! It's Text-a Holic Juice in the hizzy and I'm doing what I do best ... which is liming in somebody party! J Well, just as I was settling in, I saw Trinidadian lyricist, Lyrikal, walking through the crowd. Having worked with everyone from Da Ma$taMind to Studio 53, I knew I had to scoop Lyrikal up for a 5 Minutes... so off I went to talk to the humble singer mid-wine on the dancefloor.

Ayana: Being interviewed so many times, what is one thing that you have never been asked before?
Lyrikal: Hmmm, well nobody has ever asked me if I smoke or drink but I guess they won't ask because whenever I'm in a fete, I always have a drink in my hand!
Ayana: Amm, ok, I guess I go be de fass one to ask you then, haha!
Lyrikal: (he laughs) I drink. I'm not really a smoker though.
Ayana: First rasta I know that doesn't smoke!

Ayana: What is one thing your fans don't know about you?
Lyrikal: My fans don't know that I'm shy.

Ayana: Describe your perfect day?
Lyrikal: My perfect day would be a summer day because I hate the cold and I'd probably be in the city shopping ... You know I gotta stay fly!

Ayana: Now, this is a very important question ... Doubles or Polourie?
Lyrikal: Well, I like them both, but I favor Doubles more. Boy ... ah feeling for a doubles with pepper and some tamarind right now!
Ayana: Me too dread!

Ayana: What would you be doing if you weren't involved in music?
Lyrikal: I'd definitely be an athlete. I'm really into sports.
Ayana: Which ones?
Lyrikal: Track and field and soccer. I got a scholarship to play soccer already.

Ayana: What makes you smile?
Lyrikal: A nice compliment. I smile all the time for that!

Ayana: Trini Reggae is getting very popular now a days. Where do you see it going in the next couple of years.
Lyrikal: Once everyone stays focused, I see it going to the world, everybody just has to play their part.

Ayana: I'm sure the ladies would love to know if you're taken?
Lyrikal: Hell No! I'm single like a Pringle and ready to mingle!
Ayana: Ladies, take note!

Ayana: Ok, last question, you sing almost everything from Soca to Reggae even Hip-Hop! Do you have a personal favorite?
Lyrikal: Each genre is equal to me. I enjoy doing them all. I just love music itself.

And music loves you too!

Text-a-holic Juice