As part of High Commissioner Garvin Nicholas’ mandate to promote culture in the United Kingdom and Europe, the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission brought Carnival to life in London on Sunday 2nd March. The High Commissioner’s brainchild, the first annual All-Inclusive Carnival fete proved to be a major success, bringing Trinbagonians and other visitors from all over the UK together in a grand celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s culture.

Being thousands of miles away from home did not deter hundreds of Trinbagonian nationals from celebrating Carnival Sunday with euphoric abandon at the All-Inclusive Fete. The excitement of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival exploded to life as hundreds of patrons converged on the opulent The Roof Gardens in Kensington, London all eager to revel in their culture and experience the excitement of the Greatest Show on Earth.

The huge crowd was in merry spirit as they danced to soca and calypso hits spun by leading Caribbean DJ, Martin J. The vibe was made even sweeter when the CSI Steel Band took to the stage and regaled the crowd with calypso classics performed on the national instrument, enticing the audience to sing along in unison. The atmosphere was further heightened when G&H Tassa Entertainments struck up their tassa drums, whipping the crowd into frenzy.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the evening was the exhilarating performance from Trinbagonian soca master and multiple Calypso, Road March and Soca Monarch, Shurwayne Winchester.

Winchester set the entire crowd afire with his electric performance, singing a range of soca and calypso hits, including his anthems “Dead or Alive” and “The Band Coming”.  One of the winners of the Next Tobago Star, Ronell Berkley also thrilled the crowd with his rendition of back in times soca hits.

Chutney lovers were not left out, thoroughly enjoying Deenish Rampatap’s dynamic chutney-soca session, featuring hits such as Chutney Soca Monarch Ravi B’s “My wife run away” and “Bread”. Throughout the evening the crowd was an ecstatic sea of waving hands clutching red, white and black Trinidad and Tobago flags. The atmosphere was truly one of unity, reflecting the best of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

Guests were treated to an authentic premium All-Inclusive experience, enjoying a wide range of sumptuous Trinbagonian cuisine. Patrons went back for second and third helpings of tasty dishes  such as roti, accra, bake and shark, doubles, geera pork, pholourie, corn soup and pelau.  Guests also had full access to several bars featuring top-shelf spirits, including Trinbagonian staples such as Angostura rums and Carib beer.

Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner, His Excellency Garvin Nicholas expressed his pleasure at the fantastic turnout for the event and acknowledged the appreciation guests expressed to the High Commission for putting on a flawless event. “This landmark event has proved to be a major success in terms of the celebration and showcase of Trinidad and Tobago’s vibrant culture,” HC Nicholas remarked.

“Ensuring that our Diaspora maintains a strong connection to home, and introducing an international audience to Trinidad and Tobago are some of our primary objectives, objectives we have certainly achieved tonight,” he stated. “I am very appreciative to the Division of Community and Culture of the Tobago House of Assembly, as well as to the Ministry of Tourism for their invaluable support in making our first annual All-Inclusive Fete possible. I must also thank our staff members at the Mission who have done an excellent job, as well as our nationals and all of our guests for making this event one we will never forget”.