So here's the question....

If you could get doggone near the same vibes, similar fetes, have a great time, go to a superb island, play mas, and spend less money.... Would you do it?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you have probably entertained going to Jamaica Carnival, Cayman Islands Carnival, Cropover and and a few others.  But right now we want to talk about Bacchanal Jamaica and..... those that want to #DoTheDouble

So Let's Begin!!!!

If you are going to Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival, well, you either fit in one of two categories:

Category 1
"I Did Not Go To Trinidad This Year"

If you are in this category you are still mad, still a little bit vexed, and are just now able to look at all the pictures and videos from TNT this year without either your eyes welling up with tears or being so angry that you slam the laptop closed.

"If I see one more damn #LikeAhBoss post, I ga dead!!!!!!!"

Trust me when we well tell you that we, at Trini Jungle Juice, understand. 

Sometimes life gets in the the way and when you get older you have certain things that just making going at that time of the year inopportune.  Things like a new job, a new house, a new relationship, school, kids, child care hurdles and budget constraints are REAL. And Carnival in TNT is not cheap. Not at all.

But, if you did not go, it is probably because you were not able, not because you did not want to. And even if you thought you didn't want to and are still trying to tell yourself that lie, you can be honest with me. I won't tell nobody. I know deep down inside that you still, wanted to be there after seeing all the pics and videos :-)

But here you are now with ticket in hand. Fetes lined up. Housing secured, BOOK READ, and band registration complete! And you know what?

To be quite honest...... That is not a bad move.  Jamaica is a WONDERFUL carnival experience and you will experience some of the same fetes, same vibes, same performances and a great road experience. 

The one thing that will always get you is when the DJ or the host or the performer grabs the microphone in the fete and then screams, 'Lemme see allyuh who was in Trinidad fuh Carnival!!!" And THAT is a lonely feeling LOL!!!

That happened to me in Miami in 2011 and I vowed for it not to happen again, if there was anything that I could do about it. 

But, once again, you will have a wonderful time and a great experience.

And really and truly to be able to travel for carnival is a blessing and an awesome experience and opportunity.

Personally, I AM NOT GOING TO JAMAICA and I have not done the double. My wife and I just dropped a few stacks on a Disney Cruise with the family later on this year.  After carnival, I make a concerted effort to put ALL FAMILY activities at the forefront so that I can fete, party and lime later on in the year.  (I talk about this in my book. Balance is NECESSARY).

So, if you did not go to TnT this year. Have a great time and if you are not registered with a band yet and/or not booked, the beautiful thing about Jamaica is that you still have a little bit of time to get some things done at the last minute. So go to and get your costume and get yourself to Jamaica.  (If, you can. I KNOW I cannot, so I'm staying put.) 

Category 2
"I Did Go To Trinidad This Year"

If you are in this category, you are committed to #DoTheDouble club.  "The Double" of going to Trinidad Carnival and then going to Jamaica is the perfect recipe for divorce LOL!! Just kidding..... Ha!! (But I do know some of allyuh reading this would have an empty home to return to if you would have come home after TNT and say, "I now going to Jamaica in April!"  LOL!!!!  Doh play! You know I serious.)

The double is the perfect recipe to soothe your Carnival Tabanca. 

If you were in TnT this year and you miss the vibes, the times with your friends and the mental images that keep popping in your mind when you are at work trying to concentrate, then this is the perfect remedy for your Carnival Tabanca. And I call it a remedy because there is no cure. Jamaica, will just make you want more but at least you won't be in as prone to be at your desk at work with one earphone in from your phone listening to soca mixes like you are doing now.  And you know and I know that your friends are tired of you and your carnival stories and soca music. So what better way to relieve them of their stress and to relieve yourself of yours than to #DoTheDouble and get your fix.

Face it. You are a Soca Junkie and that's all to it.

Therefore, you will go and have the time of your life and literally make those of us who cannot #DoTheDouble with you, but went to TnT, jealous and sick. 

One of these years I may choose to do Jamaica and Cayman Islands carnival, which would both cost less than TnT. But I'm not sure I'm ready to do that yet. Especially seeing as how I done already put my money down for my room next year in 2016 and will be buying my plane ticket in 2 weeks. #Pace

So, to those of you that did TnT and are doing Jamaica, you know better than anybody else why doing the double is the right decision. Do us a favor and share with us in the comment section or on our Facebook page, exactly why you #DoTheDouble

Here's the Deal...

The fact of the matter is this.  TnT is still the ultimate carnival on the planet, but there are so many others to do as well. And as a carnivalian you will probably do several of them over the course of your life. Remember, the key is to spread the spirit of love and good vibes no matter where you travel.  And if you are going to Jamaica and this is your first carnival for the year, have a great time. If you are going to #DoTheDouble then show them how we #MadeLoveInTheBush this year at TnT!!!


It is the desire of and The Carnival Doctor to get a ground level and grassroots approach to Carnival. For us to have you, not only get a feel for Carnival, but also a feel for the people that attend carnival. Behind every picture and video is a story but the story that you make up in your mind is not necessarily the truth.  After all the jumping up, and winin' and bacchanal is done -- we all have real lives to return to. It is our desire for you to know the other people that you share the carnival community with.

Love, Peace and Soca.

(If you've enjoyed this, you will most certainly enjoy The Ultimate Road Ready Guide)

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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