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Seamlessly Arranging Unforgettable Carnival Experiences... if you didn't know what S.A.U.C.E stood for, now you are pleasantly informed. See this being their second year throwing their Annual ALL INCLUSIVE and missing the first I was welcomed this year to the Grown and sexy, with a touch of yellow BACHANNAL in fine style. This fete has all the ingredient to become one of the signature summer/DC carnival (as we use to know it) events. Now let me tell you why.

The crowd was an upscale, classy, grown and sexy with a splash of elegance and a whole lot of SASS. Add in celeb cameo by Anya Ayoung-Chee and you were guaranteed a good time. Not to mention the lovely ladies who were working the crowd. The event was sold out so even though the space may have been a little big for the crowd it was to capacity and everyone was dressed accordingly.

The event took place at THE NEWTON WHITE MANSION, and lord let me tell you. The venue was NOOOICE. This venue is one of the historical landmarks in the washington DC area, built in 1939 for captain Newton of the US Navy...just beautiful. It definitely fit the occassion or rather set the tone for the event. But when you think about it, DEM REALLY LET US COME AND GET ON ON THIER GROUNDS? YES thanks to the S.A.U.C.E team.

VIBE - 8
The vibes on first entry was a typical "ah just reach, let me get situated, get some food, find out where the bar is, walk around say hi" kinda vibe. DJ GLEN started it off, then the night belong to DC & Trinidads DJ HAZZARD & LORD HYPE, accompanied by hosts for the evening, TONY CROSS and DJ MAJESTIC.

All the DJs offered their only special element to the event, who all had the crowd up and going
The food was delicious, they served mini roti's and pelau... all served to you by the kitchen staff who were walking around. very nice touch. I like when the food comes to me.. lol. There were also cupcakes for dessert.

There were two bars, which i found might have been under staffed for a little while that made finding a drink a little challenging but i noticed helped arrived during the event. Everything was top shelve and you even got these fancy little S.A.U.C.E printed glasses to take home.

Service was GREAT, from pulling into the ground and the police directing you to the kitchen staff. The young ladies who were interacting with the crowd did a great joke - shout out to officer Atwater lol.

The cost was definitely on the premium side but well worth for the premium service. Purchase tickets early next year people. I believe the tickets went up leading up to the event.

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Al aka Freshly Squeezed

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