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The All Inclusive Experience definitely proved, that nothing can stop a good fete! The weather was cold and boy did it rain... in fact, it rained the entire day! Despite the horrible weather conditions there were tents to provide shelter and people were dressed for the torrential downpour ready to have a good time and get on badddddd. You were greeted with Valet Parking and a smile at the entrance. The attendants were waiting for us with umbrellas to escort us to the entrance of the party. We were given our souvenir cup labelled CRAVE and our wristband and was then directed onto the dance floor.

There was a mature trendy crowd dressed for the weather. It looked like there were 700 people that attended. Also spotted Jamaal Magloire of the Toronto Raptors with some models wearing costumes for Caribana for this year. The patrons were a mature crowd ranging from ages 25 and up.

VENUE - 8    
Located at the Herongate Theatre Grounds in Pickering was a prime location for this venue. This location would have been perfect if the weather wasn't so bad, the venue is mainly all land and grass... so that resulted in a lot of muddy shoes. The section everyone stayed on and partied was a bit small and hard to move around but everyone managed to have a good time despite the weather.   

VIBE - 9
As we entered... DJ Doc was working his magic playing the latest Soca, Reggae and Hip Hop. D’Enforcas and D’Bandit were in the house keeping the crowd jamming to each tune. Singing out loud to some old school music to new school as well. The vibe and music, despite the weather was definitely on point.

FOOD - 10    
There were bar stations in almost every corner from sponsors such as Hennessy, Belvedere, Glenmorangie and Casaamigos to name a few. Right behind the dance floor was the main bar and food stations where patrons were enjoying jerk chicken, spring rolls, sweet potato fries, doubles, hamburgers with the right amount of condiments!    

SERVICE - 10    
Good Fellas Promo did a great job despite the pressure they were under to provide shelter for all the patrons to enjoy Crave – All Inclusive Experience. Although we got wet and shoes muddy Crave turned out to be better than expected and is definitely the event that you want to attend next year.

COST - Early Bird tickets were $85

Would like to give shout outs to Good Fellas Promo and also Hennessy, Belvedere, Glenmorangie, Casamigos, Veuve Cliquot Rich, Carib, Curl Ambassadors, The Mortgage Store, Sexual, The Body Shop, LimeTT, Marvel Travel, Barbados Tourism and Forever Living Fitness for sponsoring this event.

Did we forget anything?? Add your 2 cents below...

- Brooke M. and Sachy B.

>> CRAVE - Premium All Inclusive Event 2015 - Part 1 Gallery
>> CRAVE - Premium All Inclusive Event 2015 - Part 2 Gallery