>> IN.DE.PAINT.DANCE #RealUnityTT - Part 1
>> IN.DE.PAINT.DANCE #RealUnityTT - Part 2

Vibes and elation were certainly present the moment you entered the gates of this amazing J'ouvert event. Every one was covered from head to toe with vibrant colours with out a care in the world as the pumping rhythms took over.


Beautiful People, sexy ladies in bikini tops and bottoms and hot trendy guys in board shorts enjoying every moment.

Transportation was readily available from that parking lor where patrons were guided into to take them to the event site. It was quick, clean and seamless.

VIBE - 10
NO standing, only pure fetting! The DJ's kept the event pumping from beginning to end with high energy.

FOOD - 9
Tasty treats were available at the all inclusive event, just enough to keep you full to keep the party scene hype. Getting a drink was never an issue at the bar, the staff were precise and efficient.

The level of service from the gate, to the bar, to the food stations was excellent. Very pleasant and easy to communicate with them all.

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- Kuan Millar

>> IN.DE.PAINT.DANCE #RealUnityTT - Part 1
>> IN.DE.PAINT.DANCE #RealUnityTT - Part 2