Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. September 28, 2015 - Trinidad and Tobago’s soca circuit is fast becoming a hub of extreme vocal talent; case in point- College Boy Jesse! With less that 140 days to the festival that the world zooms in to annually, Jesse and other young, talented artistes are putting in the work and preparing to really show off their ability in 2016.

Jesse’s been on the grind, working night and day, honing his craft as both singer and songwriter. Most recently, gigs overseas saw him show just what he’s capable of doing at events in London, Atlanta and New York and the reviews have been awesome. Now, eyes, heart and soul focused on his home base, Trinidad and Tobago, the artiste with a melodic pitch that’s undeniably one of a kind, plans on hitting the ball way out of the park in the days and weeks ahead.

A new single is set for release this week, ahead of C2K16. The song will be Jesse’s first release for Carnival next year. “We feel it’s just the right time. The music is right. The vibe is excellent and we’re hoping that this new one will make magic across the Carnival landscape in T&T and the world essentially,” said Mr. Spine. He’s got a lot of faith in Jesse and while some may say it’s because they’re blood brothers, he disagrees. “Yes, Jesse’s my brother but this is my livelihood, this is my name. I wouldn’t endorse anyone as hard as I’m doing now, if they didn’t have what it takes to be great,” he assured.

‘Thunder Roll,’ the new single on the ‘Fruit Burst’ riddim, is, simply put, delectable. It offers the perfect balance of good lyrics, sweet melody and strong sound, placing the ‘College Boy’ among a unique class of groovy hit makers of which there truly may only be a handful in T&T. From the Calypso arena to the Soca circuit, the young Trinidad and Tobago entertainer’s poised to be a superb addition to the soca music lineup. In late August, Jesse received rave reviews after a headline performance at the Leeds West Indian Carnival, which is the longest running West Indian carnival in Europe. Jesse was called upon to headline the Dimanche Gras inspired King And Queen Costume Show and arising out of that experience, it’s safe to say that the Carnival loving people of Europe are anxiously awaiting his next move in the industry.

Like many others who are considered fresh to the mainstream carnival operation, young Jesse understands that timing is everything. His voice is undoubtedly ready and he strongly feels he will add a necessary element to the carnival landscape. “What I’ve always done is deliver a musical product that’s a true representation of the real Trinbagonian experience of fun, colour and Caribbean art. I make music that’s a reflection of who we are as a people, lyrics brought to life by beats that emulate the rhythm of our hearts. When my music’s heard, something inside every Trinbaginian moves, and that will never change,” said Jesse.

He’s hoping the support will come from every corner of T&T and the Caribbean. “Sometimes all we need is just one big break and everything begins falling into place. My break is just around the corner. I can feel it,” he said. Now, with conviction, he’s letting the people of T&T know that it’s only a matter of time before they become better acquainted with the College Boy himself.