With 1 month to go until Carnival it's time to get everything in order & figure out what items you still need to be ready for anything/everything the minute you touch down. With so much excitement you're liable to leave some critical pieces behind, so before you pack your bags (especially for those traveling to their 1st major Carnival) ....read carefully because no one wants to miss out on fetin' because you forgot to pack the essentials & are running around find what you need.  

Time Off Approved

Flight Booked

Passport  - make sure it’s updated & valid through your return from Carnival



Jouvert Package Secured

Fete Tickets Purchased/Reserved

Transportation Set/Car Rental Booked

Spare Cash/Emergency MoneyI suggest at least $500 US for the trip, always have some with you as you go to a fete in case you get separated & need to hail a cab (& maybe some Doubles or KFC after a fete)

Footwear/Boots½ or 1 size larger than normal - sneakers, boots, bedazzled/spray painted – whether a DIY project or ordered from a local supplier (please nah heals….only a few pro’s on de road & it ain’t recommended – Road vs Feet in Heels ….Road will massacre yuh feet everytime – we chippin the length of a marathon, use some sense eh)

Gel Insertsyuh feet will thank you, especially fetin a week straight & then hittin de road

Fete Wardrobe –  be cute, but more importantly be able get on bad – if yuh cyah get low don’t wear it

J'Ouvert Clothes - this deserves it's own category ....if you aren't willing to throw it in the garbage or do some really deep cleaning to then only ensure it's permanently stained and only possibly reused at a future J'Ouvert then don't wear it.  Old gym shoes, swim trunks or cargo shorts fellas (I always wear a black pair of shorts because the colors blend in and I hand wash it after as I attempt to make them last for several Carnivals) or booty shorts for the ladies

Wax Appt/Manscapingnah bush/peek a boo hairs/grizzly bears/winter coats - Ladies – Thank God for Brazilian Wax – Fellas – it’s 2016, do your part too – shave/nair/wax whatever you choose, just clean it up

Bag for Road Essentialsladies often purchase color coordinated  small bags/purses for essentials, fellas bring a track bag – something to hold a camera, sunblock, bottle of your favorite beverage, whatever

Sunglasses - bring 3+ pairs .....things break or get lost in de action, just plan for it

Ear plugs - especially if you plan to be near de speakers/stage at fetes or de truck on de road

Sun BlockHigh SPF – I personally carry SPF30 & SPF50 spray ….apply before fetes & bring a small can everywhere – you don’t have to look like me/Caspar the Friendly Ghost to protect yourself from the impact of UV rays

Aloe Lotion

Bug Spray

Ziploc Bagssandwich & large – perfect for essentials or extra protection for your phone if you’re brave enough to bring it out for J’Ouvert or a Wet Fete.

Baby Oil apply liberally EVERYWHERE before J’Ouvert – you’re clean up after will be much easier (plus trust their will be some willing people who are more than happy to help apply it on your back – as long as you took care of the lovely waxing/manscaping mentioned previously)

Q-tipsJ’Ouvert will have paint & powda coming out of places weeks later if you haven’t addressed it all right after de road


Baby Powder/Goldbaumthere’s gonna be a lot of sweat in a lot of places, apply generously

Mini deodorant stickswe always say people will take a wine with all shapes, sizes, etc. – even sweaty BUT smelly/bad B.O. will have people running quick, just carry a mini-stick to keep it fresh in these long fetes


Flag(s) - rep yuh island/country with pride .... I personally bring small & large flags as well as one that's designated as my J'Ouvert flag that's got paint, powda, mud, oil mixed in with it

Bandanas *Shower Caps & Wigs optional* again, J’Ouvert takes no prisoners, make it easy on yourself – ladies you can wear a shower cap covered by a bandana, others will wear a colorful wig to protect the good stuff for de road

Air Horn - I mean why not?

Vitamin C & B-12 - Keep your immune system up & energy level high for a good pump

Pepto/Tums/Imodium AD/Aspirin

Epsom Salt


Ankle Brace & Knee Braceyou want to be a hero to a friend in need or ensure you still can make it on de road just in case something bad happened at a fete, stumbling out a maxi or down some stairs at a hotel  *Bring some athletic tape too if you’ve got it – seen too many struggle to make it out to Play Mas because the unexpected happened & they were in too much pain, or they struggled through but didn’t get a chance to really get on bad

Condoms/Birth Control

Cell Phone  - sim card, cheap phones & minutes are available in the airport when you land if you so desire (& you can pick up your favorite bottle in the shop right next to it)

Small Camera & Disposable Camera

USB cables/drives

Small Video CameraGo Pro/DBPower SJ 4000  (I have the DBPower SJ 4000 as it costs $80 rather than $400 like many GoPro’s) – perfect for crossing de stage or documenting witless behavior

Converterdepending on where you’re coming from you may need at outlet converter for charging your electronic devices

(Your on own for basic grooming essentials and if you need eye drop solution, contacts, etc.)

*Spray Tan/Base Tan setLet’s keep it real if you look like me aka Caspar the Friendly Ghost where you either are white or lobster red, get yourself prepared before coming – have a base tan so you don’t end up with sun blisters after your 1st day in de hot hot Trini sun.  If you plan on fetin in de water, are a heavy sweater, or plan to participate in J’Ouvert DO NOT get a spray tan – you will end up losing part or all of it & look more like a spotted cheetah than a suntanned reveler

*Tobago flight/ferryIf you plan to head to ‘Bago for Ash Wednesday good luck at this point, the express Ferry may be your last chance & it leaves early in the morning

*Tobago Villaif you plan to unwind after Playing Mas & lime on the sister island your gonna want a place to lay your head for a few days

Monday Wear – Fellas - you’re basically just wearing Board Shorts (some bands require you to wear your sections Board Shorts both days), otherwise just have a pair of shorts & hit de road. Ladies – with countless local designers producing options you can purchase whatever you desire, others will come out with the equivalent of a sexy Halloween costume, and others will simply find another fashionable bathing suit (or essentially a few pieces of strings & tings) & roll out

Ladies, I will not claim to be an expert on all things involved in your preparation, so please make sure to your girls but here’s a few things to keep in mind

Tightsno matter your complexion there are options with local or online vendors

Pasties/Nipple Covers

Make Up/Make-Up Appt

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


Spare Feathers

Face Jewels



What else do you make is on your checklist? Comment Below.

'Til next time .... Celebrate Life & Soca to de World
-Jouvert Mike