The Bacchanal Jamaica team will turn up the vibes this Friday as Soca takes on Dancehall to keep the fans jumping, feteing and whining. Creating the hype will be DJ Private Ryan the master of soca and representing the best of Jamaica will beCreep of Chromatic. “We have been working towards presenting this fusion of Caribbean music and decided to go for it this year. Our fans love both dancehall and soca so we decided to divert from a purely soca theme to make it a real Caribbean night,” shared Charmaine Franklin, Bacchanal Jamaica Director.

Bacchanal Jamaica also announced that those patrons who had purchased season tickets to cover the six nights of the season would be refunded. “The season tickets were sold for $18,000 and we will be refunding the cost of one night $3,000 in cash. Patrons also have the option of accepting a VIP ticket for Bachannal J’ouvert which will take place on April 1 in lieu of cash. Either option is redeemable at the Mas Camp only”.

Tickets for Bacchanal Fridays are on sale now at the Mas Camp, Pita Grill as well as the Ammar's Village/Mall Plaza, Sovereign and King Street locations. Tickets are also available online on Ticket costs are $1,500 pre-sold, $2,000 at the gate for general admission, and $4,000 pre-sold and $4,500 at the gate for the VIP which is all-inclusive. Special rates are available to current UWI and UTECH students. Patrons must be 18 and over to enter VIP. Visit for more details.

Contact: Touchstone Productions
P (876) 815-8500; 833-6447