New York, NY (FOX FUSE) –
The year's biggest soca hits shine in the international spotlight as blockbuster soca compilation Get Soca 2016 debuted at #10 before quickly climbing to #7 this week, on the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart, thereby securing Billboard status for all the producers, artists and musicians involved. The Get Soca franchise, of which this is its second edition, it the annual flagship compilation from FOX FUSE, the world's largest soca and chutney music label and distributor. Get Soca 2016 was released worldwide on February 25, 2016, known to soca aficionados as Fantastic Friday, and is the only soca hits compilation released during Trinidad Carnival, for a second consecutive year.

This definitive soca collection features the top hits from the 2016 carnival season, from soca's biggest hit-makers, all on one album, and are now available from all major digital retailers worldwide. The album garnered international spotlight, scoring a coveted top banner on the iTunes U.S. Reggae section and a feature on the iTunes U.S. Reggae New Music chart, during its week of release. It also debuted at #1 on the iTunes Trinidad and Tobago Reggae Top Albums chart, at #4 on the iTunes U.S. Reggae Top Albums chart and at #5 on the iTunes U.K. Reggae Top Albums chart.

Get Soca 2016 #7 on Billboard's Top Reggae Albums chart.

Jammed with 21 blockbuster songs, Get Soca 2016 presents the soundtrack of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival, Barbados' Crop Over, Grenada's Spicemas, St. Lucia's Lucian Carnival and Antigua Carnival, for festivalgoers and international soca aficionados. This sizzling collective of soca gems will have everyone jamming as it perfectly captures the essence of carnival and brings the sounds of these rich, Caribbean cultural celebrations to the international masses, year round.

Get Soca 2016 features the kings and queens of carnival, including the 2015 International Soca Monarch and Road March king Machel Montano and the 2015 International Groovy Soca Monarch Olatunji Yearwood from Trinidad and Tobago, the reigning Party Monarch, Road March champion and STAG Jam Tune winner Peter Ram from Barbados, the current Jumpy Soca Monarch Ricardo Drue of Antigua, world-renowned soca stars Farmer Nappy, Destra Garcia, KES, Patrice Roberts, Nadia Batson and Denise Belfon, alongside soca sensations Shal Marshall, GBMNutron, Erphaan Alves and Lavaman, in addition to rising stars Sekon Sta, Cloud 5, Jahmoun, Terri Lyons, Sedale and Fireyahs. Legendary soca icon Crazy rounds out this full spectrum of sounds from across the Caribbean, which is bound to electrify soca fans globally.

Get Soca 2016 debuting at #1 on the iTunes Trinidad and Tobago Reggae Top Albums chart.

Get Soca 2016 spotlights a diverse array of top production houses spanning the Caribbean islands, including Trinidadian hit-makers Stadic Music and Wetty Beatz with "Oh Yay" (amassed almost two million views on YouTube and counting), GBM Productions with "Scene", "Party" and "Dip N Ride," MadMen Productions with "People" and "We Head Nice," Anson Productions and DJ Nako with "Seasonally," AdvoKit Productions with "Road Trip" and "Let Go," MillBeatz Entertainment with "High," Mega Mick with "Magic," Optimus Productions TT with "Is Not The Same," Chainlinxx Productions with "Intentions (Wine & Touch)," and Nikholai Greene and Kyle "Novahh" Joseph with "Dismantle," Barbadian duo De Red Boyz with "All Ah We" (with almost one million views on YouTube to date) and "Bambilambambilambilambam," Grenada's WIZ Records with "BET," Big Red with "No Behavior (Whole Place Shell Down)" and YTM Recordz with "D-Date," St. Vincent-raised and Brooklyn-based Fryktion Muzik with "Money Done (Fete Out Money)," and St. Lucia-based Vibez Productionz with "Neighbour."

Get Soca 2016 is curated by FOX FUSE owners Zack Cohen and Rhona Fox. "We're always thrilled to bring Caribbean music and our FOX FUSE clients – every single producer, artist and musician who contributes to each song – to the mainstream masses," states Fox. "Success for our clients and their music translates to success for the countries, cultures and people overall," adds Cohen. "So we will continue our investment in Caribbean music and keep working to build its industry and thus presence, in the global marketplace."

Get Soca 2016 is now available worldwide from all major digital music retailers. For more information, please visit Please direct all media inquiries to the FOX FUSE Publicity Department at 212-300-3813 or

Track List :
01. GBMNutron - Scene
02. Erphaan Alves - Intentions (Wine & Touch)
03. Sekon Sta & Nadia Batson - Magic
04. Peter Ram - All Ah We
05. Jahmoun - Let Go
06. Cloud 5 - No Behavior (Whole Place Shell Down)
07. Olatunji - Oh Yay
08. Shal Marshall - Party
09. KES - People
10. Ricardo Drue - BET
11. Farmer Nappy - Bambilambambilambilambam
12. Denise Belfon - Dismantle
13. Lavaman - D-Date
14. Terri Lyons Featuring Lil Rick - High
15. Destra Garcia - Dip N Ride
16. Fireyahs - We Head Nice
17. Patrice Roberts - Money Done (Fete Out Money)
18. Olatunji - Seasonally
19. Sedale - Neighbour
20. Crazy - Is Not The Same
21. Machel Montano - Road Trip