Benefit Production Offers An Exhibition of Works By Master Artist, Dr. LeRoy Clarke And Other Visual Artists

Photo: Master artist, Dr. LeRoy Clarke, creates a new graphic language with his 2015 elemental black and white series, Eye Hayti... Cries... Everywhere. In this series, Dr. Clarke expresses his concern for the spiritual and social condition of humanity presenting Haiti as a metaphor for the global crisis that is the suffocation of humanity. Photo courtesy Dr. LeRoy Clarke.

December 27, 2016 – St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. An Evening of Healing with Music – Vol. I will offer a holistic platform to nurture the soul through the arts on Wednesday December 28, 2016 in benefit of Martica Thomas’ medical care.  The inaugural fundraising production, which features stirring classical, jazz, soul, blues and Caribbean spirituals, has evolved to include an art exhibition by Dr. LeRoy Clarke, Fitzroy Hoyte Jr., Tessa Alexander, Richard Rampersad, Ihsan Atiba, Damien Leach and Dion Jacob.

Photo: “Eye say to you, young ebullient hearts, seek your Genius!  It is there, somewhere, stemmed in ungraspable longing to meet-up with you in seemingly unfathomable depths or, on ridges where none is shorter but rather being taller!  That terrible thing you seek is –Genius– is you, your very self, that extend with beaches of thorn and stone that seek a tongue that can sculpt you an ear that will recognise its identical voice!” – Dr. LeRoy Clarke.  Photo courtesy Dr. LeRoy Clarke.

Master artist, poet, lecturer, philosopher and Orisa Chief, Dr. Clarke, has graciously contributed the 2011 piece, We Are Here, of the Rituals III series, at a concessional price to benefit the cause by courtesy of De Legacy… House of El Tucuche Foundation.  Following Dr. Clarke’s contribution, estuary PR’s Managing Director shared, “I am deeply moved by Dr. Clarke’s act of kindness.  It is an honour and a blessing to have the energy and brilliance of his work permeate this event.  We Are Here is an affirmation of the resilience of human nature as we rise through the challenges of life to see ourselves anew and lay claim to our Divine inheritance.  In it, I see Mother Earth embodied in the woman.”

Photo: One of Fitzroy Hoyte's recent mixed media works entitled Something's Heavenly. This 2016 abstract interpretation presents the wonders of life in three dimensions. Photo courtesy Fitzroy Hoyte.

The art exhibition will offer an array of still life and abstract interpretations, figurative paintings and photography.  Hoyte takes responsibility in his creative practice to raise awareness with thought-provoking abstract depictions that strive to capture the spiritual realm. Presenting a fresh perspective, Alexander invites the observer to look at elements of humanity that are mundane or perceived as ugly.  Rampersad provokes viewers into a space of speculation with his unorthodox rendering of subject matter that supersedes natural accuracy.  Illustrator and poet, Atiba, creates still life and abstract interpretations of the human body expressing the quality of its movement often blending his writing into his artwork.  Multidimensional photography artist, Leach, draws on the Tobago landscape and the creative process of the Tobago artist as his inspiration.

Photo: Young figurative painter and sculptor, Richard Rampersad, poses with his expansive 2014 work, Why or Why Me.  The acrylic on canvas piece sits at 46.5" x 68.5".  Photo courtesy Richard Rampersad.

This healing fundraising series was conceptualised as a quarterly production, which will raise funds for various beneficiaries who face the trials of sustaining spiritual, emotional and physical well-being in the face of managing medical challenges.  An Evening of Healing with Music – Vol. I brings an eclectic cast including Ken‘Professor’ Philmore, Z4L4, John Michael Thomas & Friends, Tsahai Koo and Imani Miller-Sorzano to the stage.  Tickets cost $100.00 and are available at the Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic (RC) Church office and from estuary PR.  For more information, join the Facebook (FB) event at or connect on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @estuaryPR and @Z4L4Music or email or call 868-367-5295.

What: An Evening of Healing with Music – Vol. I
Who: estuary PR in collaboration with Z4L4
When: Wednesday December 28, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Our Lady of Fatima RC Church Hall, Bushe Street, Curepe
Tickets: $100.00
Our Lady of Fatima RC Church office: 868-662-5203 | estuary PR: 868-367-5295

For media inquiries, please contact:

Liza Miller, Managing Director
estuary PR Limited
ph: 868-367-5295