Photo: Edward Cumberbatch

Port of Spain, 9th May 2017 -
Three of Trinidad and Tobago's finest vocalists, Edward Cumberbatch, Raymond Edwards and Nigel Floyd joined together to prove that good music can be 'Quite Exquisitely Done'. The group's individual members have made quite a name for themselves over the years as solo artistes. As friends, they decided to come together to make an even more beautiful sound.

That signature sound is Light Classical/Pop music with bright and refreshing harmonies and a charmingly suave stage presence. Their annual concert for 2017 is entitled, ‘Down Memory Lane - The soundtrack to your life!’ This QED TT production will thrill audiences with an enjoyable collection of music that remains timeless in all our lives.

Photo: Nigel Floyd

Q-E-D TT invites all music lovers to meet them '@JunctionQ' - a moniker of their new branding effort, which is tied to the theme of their upcoming concert, ‘Down Memory Lane – the soundtrack to your life.’ At the show, which takes place on Sunday 4th June, 2017 at the Queen’s Hall Auditorium, St. Ann’s, the men of Q-E-D will invite patrons to reminisce at the crossroads of life, celebrating the music soundtrack that got us through the great times and challenging times. There will be a 5:00 p.m. pre-show, with the concert starting at 6:00 p.m.

From Stevie Wonder, Buju Banton, Rihanna and other classical works, these three award-winning singers will be stepping out of their comfort zone for the first time and experimenting with a wider genre of music from Soca, Calypso and R&B with a big live brass band sound.

Photo: Raymond Edwards

Raymond Edwards is one of Trinidad and Tobago's well known voices and for the last 20 years has had an undying love affair with music. Edward Cumberbatch, fondly known as “Eddie” to his close friends and family is one of the talented tenors of Q-E-D and his preferred musical genres range from performing opera, art songs, oratorio, negro spirituals and gospel music. The third link in the Q-E-D chain, Nigel Floyd, provides stable, solid, sound advice to his singing brothers along with his great voice.

Together, these powerful vocalists find a harmonious unity through song, exploring their favourite genres of music together to see how they can innovate and create a new performance experience for each audience they serve.

Photo: The men of Q-E-D TT (left to right) Raymond Edwards, Nigel Floyd and Edward Cumberbatch

They have described their musical motivation as a journey of discovery across multiple genres. Next month, all roads lead to ‘Down Memory Lane’ where the journey will take patrons through both the straight and winding paths of their musical journey thus far. The live show will also include the launch of their first ever live-recorded CD of Q-E-D favourites. Tickets cost TT$200.00 and are available at the Queen’s Hall Box Office, 624-1284 EXT 1 and at Q-E-D Co. Ltd. 314-0952, 678-1276, 317-2556.

Photo credit: Kyeon Constantine Photography